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Fri, Dec. 22nd, 2006, 12:28 am

dudes! i bought christmas gifts! :o i never buy gifts. or rather, i tend to ask mom what she wants and buy that for her, and then i have mom buy something for dad on my behalf. hey, she works at a hardware store, there's always some fishing gear he might like.

but this year i bought small thingies for both. mom asked for a shower curtain, so i got her a really nice one that looks like oldfashioned white lace printed on plastic. eh, it was cute. i also got her little suction-cup items for her bathroom - toothbrush holder that you stick on the wall and hang the brush on (i know she's wanted one forever), little toothpaste tube holder that also goes on the wall, and a little basket to put on the wall for shampoo and stuff. yey, suction cup items! so cool.

and dad is getting a bath brush and some fizzy bath stuff because he loves taking baths, and a new fleece blanket because, er, he naps every day. small gifts, but honestly, the first time i ever gave him something i really thought about to suit what i know about him. heh.

of course, my cat's gifts cost more than the gifts for my parents combined. he's getting vitamins that i know he'll never eat but i'll feel better just trying to get him to eat them, some weird nice smelling stuff for the litterbox, and 3 plastic balls with bells inside that he can chase all night long and drive mom nuts with. hehe.

not buying my brother anything because.. we never buy each other stuff, and we're gonna have a fight anyway, so why bother.

oh well. merry christmas, ya'll! :)