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Wed, Dec. 27th, 2006, 10:03 pm

well, what do you know.

i had a really nice weekend at home with the family, and all gifts i received were unexpected and really perfect. my brother didn't have a meltdown (though it took us two days to actually speak beyond a grunted, mutual "hey."..we even watched top gun together yesterday afternoon. now there's a movie you can NEVER watch too much. it's so... golden. goooooooooooose!), my cat was really, really snuggly, and monday was spent having christmas lunch with my aunt and cousins, and there were several rounds of boardgames played with just the right gusto and silliness that's needed for a really nice boardgame-playing time.

for christmas gifts, i got: a green wallet, black socks, a veggy-chopping thingy, a gorgeous waterlily-shaped candleholder, bookshop giftcard, small purple candleholders with nifty velvet flower-pattern, really soft white fleece blanket with black flower pattern, some money from the parents, and some chocolate. loved it alll, and i was stunned to find my aunt and my cousin had both bought me real gifts that catered to my taste rather than weird impersonal stuff that tend to baffle me (they bought me the blanket and the purple candleholders).

but the coolest gift i got wasn't really for me: my mom keeps getting electronic gadgets as a christmas gift from her work (she works at a hardware store). last year she got a cute 20" flatscreen tv, so this year we were really curious to see what was in the small but heavy box.

well, she opened it and... got super-quiet, and handed the box to my brother, who also managed to look really disinterested, and handed the box to me and... it was a canon mv 900 camcorder. haha, i was trying to be sympathetic but had troubles containing my cheshire cat-grin.

it was so not a gift my mom, nor brother, had any interest in, and nobody had to verbalize that it was such an obvious jennie-thing, haha. so, after some sullen "maybe i'll sell it" talk, the box finally settled in my pile of gifts, and it's stayed there since. it pays off to be the only one even remotely into cameras, hehe!

i haven't tried it yet, and have no clue when i'll actually come to use it, but am pretty pleased to have it nonetheless. nothing hyper-snazzy, but certainly fun enough for a newbie, especially when it comes at no cost. wee!

went back to work this morning... it sucked. it's pretty much going to suck for a week or two. but whatever. i can deal. eventually, two weeks will have passed and i'll hopefully be through the brunt of it and be able to focus again. i look forward to sleeping properly again rather than having to spend so much time mulling over decision after decision (it's so tough to decide not to renew somebody's contract, especially when they don't see it coming, and even if they obviously deserve it).

i'm excited and a bit nervous about moving later this spring (but at least i got ample warning! :* to those who, well, didn't :o) but apart from probably rendering me broke again, it should go well, albeit probably not entirely smoothly.

when the move is done, i'm getting a CAT! i was thinking i wanted a kitten, but spending time with my own cat back home has made me decide i will first go look at adult cats at the animal shelter. i adore kittens, but i keep thinking if i'm gonna have an indoor cat, i might as well go for an older cat that just need to sleep lots and enjoy the quiet life for however many years it has left?

i know many of you have experience with indoor cats, as well as cats from shelters - am i wrong in thinking an older cat might be a better choice rather than a kitten? i don't want it to be too lonely, of course, so will spend more time at home, and i do expect it to take longer for it to get used to me than a kitten would, and am even ready for the possibility that it might never really settle in, but... i just want a cat that will be okay with living indoors, and that will sleep a lot, and will mebbe sleep next to me while i watch tv, or something.

you know. AN OLD LADY CAT. hehehe. plus, i'd kind of feel better giving an older cat a home, since i figure they are harder to place?? so. any input would be very appreciated.

oh. i'm randomly obsessed with listening to johnny cash. i even bought the cash plays san quentin cd. i rarely buy cds, so i shocked myself, haha. i've been singing "ring of fire" for, like, three days now. ok. need sleep. will catch up with all things online this weekend when i finally have some proper time off. cin cin!

Wed, Dec. 27th, 2006 09:28 pm (UTC)

hehe... when I decided to get a cat, as much as I wanted a kitten, it was probably for the best that I didn't.. mainly because I would never be able to leave it cause I would just find it too damn cute.. haha..

but that yes.. I did need an older cat who was settled in, and wouldn't go doing crazy kitten things.. hehe..

Thu, Dec. 28th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)

Happy Holidays!

I don't know about the older cat thing, I got my cats when they were kittens. My friend took in an older cat and he's completely cool, just a little aloof. Not in a bad way, he'll let you pet him and play, but the relationship is definitely on HIS terms. Meanwhile, my cats are constantly in my lap and lying next to me. I don't know if it's a trust thing or what. But I totally support adopting older cats - they need love too!

Thu, Dec. 28th, 2006 08:03 pm (UTC)
primachi: So you're coming around on country, eh?

I've got nothin' with regards to cats; but I had to comment so that I could affirm that San Quentin is a quality album.