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Sun, Dec. 31st, 2006, 07:50 pm

mom just called to tell me that apparently my cousin annelie was off on a desperate shopping trip all because of me. last monday, i managed to win eternal favour with my cousin's daughter amanda by painting her nails with a glitter nailpolish i happened to have in my purse, and today amanda's been refusing to celebrate new year's eve if her mom couldn't produce the same nailpolish for her to wear. HAHA!

the whole family knows i adore amanda the best of alllll kids that have been born into the family over the past 10 years (preceeded by my cousin sanna who still rocks, but who by definition is no longer a kid as she's graduated high school and got her driver's license, haha), and they also know it's purely because she's SO MUCH LIKE ME the way i was as a kid. i love it.

she's... "head strong." her first instinct is to glare, hehe (and she's no stranger to loudly proclaiming when she doesn't like a person, to her poor parents embarrassement). i love it so much - it's good to see the surly gene being carried on. our family totally needs more girls who roll their eyes and who also happen to love princess thingies, see.

anyway. so, last monday we got to hang out, and totally bonded. we got along so swimmingly, she ended up climbing into my lap and demanding i read her princess stories until she got super-sleepy. my cousin (her mom) just stared at her in wonder, haha, because the kid never does that. anyway. i win!


see, this is amanda back in 2004. i LOVE the look on her face, she made it constantly as a baby and toddler, just this massive "MEEEEH!!" on her face.

for comparison, here's me, really annoyed with the mall photographer (i totally remember him trying to entertain me with a stupid stuffed bird. whatever, maaan.)


anyway. here's princess amanda last monday:


i hope you all realize i am going to lobby HARD for amanda to become a rock piano goddess when she grows up, right??


princess amanda :)


so cute. :)


this was so funny - i showed her my camera, and she got really into it and started arranging her toys and bossily demanded i take a picture for her as a christmas card. so - composition credit on this: amanda. maybe she can be a rock piano goddess AND a photographer? hehe.

ok. 's all.

i will now proceed to make über yummie mexican food and watch a very long engagement. cin cin! :D

Mon, Jan. 1st, 2007 12:32 pm (UTC)

awwwwwwwwwwwwww... shes adorable!