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Sun, Jan. 7th, 2007, 09:24 pm

i watched shortbus a bit earlier today. it was really good. but mostly it was very sad. everytime i hear the movie mentioned, it's always followed by comments on how it's all about graphic sex. well. yeah. there's a lot of that.

but quite quickly, i stopped noticing that in favor of being very moved by one of the character'ss struggle with depression, which was done very well. and like in hedwig and the angry inch, there were a lot of good music throughout, so.. i quite liked the movie. and when it ended, i had a silly smile on my face (whereas when hedwig ended, i immediately started plotting how to get ahold of that glorious hedwig mac lipstick!).

i'm glad i could watch it at home, though (hello screener-season!). i would never go see it in a theater (well, gene might have been able to talk me into it, haha, but that's the only way i might) because i really don't like watching intimacy on the big screen while in the company of lots of strangers. i'm hilariously prude when it comes to that - i find it really uncomfortable.

in fact, i'm so anti-public displays of affection, i'll find an overly steamy kiss on screen hyper-embarrassing and cause to hide below the collar of my shirt until it's over. there are movies i own that i know i could only watch with other people if i make sure to leave the room whenever i know certain scenes are about to occur so.. no. i can't quite imagine sitting in a movie theater for this movie and having to watch somebody attempt to auto-fellate themself on the screen. ugh, uncooooomfortable!

but oh well. maybe that's just me. :)

Sun, Jan. 7th, 2007 11:30 pm (UTC)

Definitely not just you.