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Wed, Jan. 10th, 2007, 08:20 am
consequence of posting!


so i posted my old cubicle sign yesterday with one of my favourite regina spektor lyrics on it, and what do i read in the paper this morning? REGINA IS COMING TO STOCKHOLM IN MARCH! magic! yeyyyyy!

i've been waiting for that announcement since last summer when i couldn't go see her when she toured with a mini-festival thingy, and look, here she comes!

dude, this is so like last fall when i went to see richard III and they used lots of nine inch nails music cues, and i stated the same night that the only act i was seriously wishing would come to stockholm was trent, and the day after moonriddengirl sent word that nin was coming.

so OBVIOUSLY this is not a coincidence, it's all because of me (right???? hahahaha) so i will now use my powers for one more concert-wish:

hEY kristin hersh! what's up? hey, WHAT ABOUT VISITING SWEDEN, aye, aye??

hehe. 8)