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Wed, Jan. 10th, 2007, 10:00 pm
fucking ASSHOLES.

warning: trivial problem with disproportionate rant attached ahead.

the FUCKERS. there was one tiny advertisement announcing regina spektor's concert in the morning paper.

when i got to work i checked the ticket website since i wanted to know when the tickets would go on sale, but her show wasn't even listed.

so then i called the venue and was greeted by the least helpful answering machine ever, and it had zero information about the regina show, and there was NO option to talk to a human, so after -four attempts- (trying different options) i tried calling their neighbouring venue to ask them how to talk to the ticket office, and he put me through to some person working there and nobody fucking answered so i gave up.

i followed the inane advice on the answering machine they had and tried to find the concert on their website, but it wasn't listed. finally, i sent a nice e-mail to the only listed contact e-mail on the website and.. ding, got it back in return as undeliverable. so i gave up and figured it must mean the ticket release was a few days away.

so this evening, on a whim, i went to check the ticket website again to see if they had her show listed and... I FOUND HER SHOW ON THE TOP 10 OF MOST BOUGHT TICKETS. say WHAT??

the fuckers did a sneak-ticket release sometime during the day!! and not only that - the only tickets i can pull up are for the last rows or really crap balcony seats! fuck that! i refuse to buy crap tickets. i also refuse to believe almost 600 tickets have been sold over the day when the event hasn't even been listed since probably noon, and this morning was the first info that there was a show at all.

you know what i think? i think it was meant as a corporate showcase eventthat they just decided to release a few sparetickets to. well, FUCK that. i did my homework, i tried going about it enthusiastically and through proper channels, and in return - nada. crap seats. so i'm not buying tickets.

and you know what else? i'm going to do my damndest to contact them tomorrow and let them know my enormous disappointment with their CRAP fucking way of releasing tickets. and i -never- ever do that shit, but i really want to complain. fuckheads.

i'll keep an eye out for possible ticket auctions but... i'm guessing i'm gonna miss regina, again. i'm so bummed. fuckers. :(

edited to add: i just found a small note saying their ticket office opens at 11 every day, and i called 9.30 so that's probably why i couldn't get it touch but... why didn't the answering machine MENTION the opening hours of the ticket office, nor their website?! and since the event wasn't listed on the main ticket website yet, i didn't have the venue information available... argh. fuckeeeers. :(

(i got very little sleep last night - first i talked to a friend on the phone for too long, and then couldn't sleep and suddenly found myself sending dorky text messages with another friend for far too long.. and then today was so much work, the new kids have so much to learn. i totally didn't have time to take lunch at all. so, being tired + not having eaten much + no regina = way too upset than i should be, haha. sigh. i want to go. maybe i should buy a crap ticket anyway. :()

edited to add # 2: OH FUCK IT. i can't handle not going to see regina so i bought crap-ass balcony seats anyway. but i'm still incredibly pissed off about it. but my pissiness shouldn't make me regret not buying tickets at all. some regina is probably better than no regina. so. yeah. MOO.

haha. i think i need sleep. let's see if my text messaging sleep terrorist will allow that. :)

Wed, Jan. 10th, 2007 10:36 pm (UTC)

awwwwww Jennie...

I can totally feel your frustration, but good on you for going anyway!
don't let them spoil your fun, but I'd still be complaining!

Thu, Jan. 11th, 2007 07:54 am (UTC)

thank you for the sympathy, hehe - it's a trivial complaint, for sure, but it still bugs me. concerts are one of few things i happily splurge on, and i always play fair and tend to get rewarded well, so i don't like to see them behave this stupidly.

but now i have row 9 tickets. that definitely makes me happier. now i just have to sell the crap tickets.. haha.
(Deleted comment)

Thu, Jan. 11th, 2007 07:50 am (UTC)
somabish: Re: Unrelated

oh! that's really funny, hahahaha - the sad part is, the first postcard could be way recent, it still looks kinda the same. hee. :D