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Tue, Jan. 16th, 2007, 10:25 am

i messed up my mobile phoooooone. i accidentally dropped it in the sink with the water running yesterday morning.

i of course picked it up really, really fast, wiped it off as well as used air to remove as much water as possible, and cleaned/dried off the battery. it went into a weird kind of profile mode, but other than that it seemed to work, and i could take calls and send text messages, so i figured it was okay.

...and then i found myself stuck on a subway train that stood still for 30 minutes and discovered that i can't make calls! i spent 45 minutes text messaging everybody i could think of to try and make sure the people opening our service would man the phones at 8 am, but everybody responding said they weren't to start until later in the day, so i totally panicked.

it's a special kind of frustration needing to contact people and only being able to send little text messages and hope that they notice. anyway. i got into work 45 minutes late and found that my lovely team had come in as scheduled and all was fine. but my phooooooone. mooo.

so i had the guy running our IT-department look at it because he used to work for ericsson and he looked it over and.. there seems to be some minor water damage which is making it impossible for my phone to properly make calls. he suggested i take my "antiquated relic of a phone" to a local mobile phone repair shop he knows nearby to see if they can rescue it. haha. such a snob. i think my phone is.. 3+ years old? something like that?

haha. i hope they can. i don't want to buy a new phone. i've been quite happy with my donated phones, and i only use prepaid cards so having to buy one now would suck. my poor phone. here's hoping they can fix my "relic" hahaha.

this day = STUPID.

Tue, Jan. 16th, 2007 12:23 pm (UTC)

ooh I did that...only my phone went into a cup of coffee!!!

Let it sit open and battery out for about 3 days. It should turn back on. Can't promise everything will work, but it should.