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Tue, Jan. 16th, 2007, 11:06 pm

i had my mobile phone switched off for a few hours and just put it back together and tried making a call and.. it works! yey! so, hopefully it'll stay okay and i'll do my best not to drop it or douse it with water anymore. ha.

a few project bosses tried to bully me into making a decision that isn't for me to decide. i was so mad. few things make me more nervous than getting a call from two people i don't want to offend who try to get me to agree to something that i know isn't for me to decide on. two people going "okay, why?" forcing me to come up with some stalling on the spot = uncomfortable.

but whatever. finally, this weird, stressful day is over. now i shall sleeeeep, and tomorrow i'll have a whole new day to be fucked over by. cheers! :)