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Wed, Jan. 17th, 2007, 12:07 pm

felt queasy all night, and when i woke up (for the third time) to go to work, i still felt really... queasy.

so i went in to work, did as much as i could to get everything started and get a few more pressing matters taken care of, put a couple of kids to be in charge, and then left around 10 am. i just can't deal sitting at work with a persistent feeling of motion sickness.

oh well. i picked up some groceries and a salad to go, and bought a couple of really cheap dvd's (2-disc the brothers grimm and all about my mother for a combined $12 = excellent) to keep me company.

i don't know if i'll end up watching them, though - i finally started to read one hundred years of solitude by gabriel garcia marquez, which i picked up several years ago in a wonderful used bookstore in montclair, new jersey (or was it verona, nj? gene would know. :)), and i'm really enjoying it. after a steady diet of crime paperbacks, the switch to something meatier and more magical is agreeing very well with me. it's a pretty old paperback copy, and it's filled with notes scribbled in pencil from some previous owner. it points out all sorts of themes and ideas, which is making the reading even more fun.

ugh. queeeeeeasy. i'm off to have my salad and mope. cin cin.