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Wed, Jan. 17th, 2007, 08:20 pm


so, i'm definitely staying home tomorrow. i already alerted the team and the boss so i don't even have to think about it in the morning. heh. funny - i haven't stayed home sick a full day since last summer, not even when i had a bad cold back in november, and now i'm stuck home because of a persistent queasiness. lame.

i wonder if i accidentally banged my head yesterday or if it's some sort of flu. hmm.

i haven't felt like this since i got some sort of food poisoning when moonriddengirl and her family visited me. during our last night in gotland i got real sick and in the middle of the night i had to go throw up, and then was so exhausted i kind of fainted and hit my head on the hard bathroom floor. i was so exhausted i pondered just staying on the floor to sleep a bit because i couldn't get up at first, haha. anyway, i think i got a light concussion then that left me with nausea for a week, and that's exactly how i feel now. sooooo uncomfortable.

oh well. staying home tomorrow will give me the opportunity to finish up lbw online properly (yey! the design is done as of a few days, just have to create all the sub-pages before making it live) so that's okay.


p.s. the first episode of american idol really sucked. it didn't have any really good people, and the atrocious people trying out were just sad. i love ai, i hope it shapes up..