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Thu, Jan. 18th, 2007, 08:17 am
haha, i'm no good at this

i'm staying home sick today because i still have icky nausea (though slightly better than yesterday, thank goodness, but i figured i'd stay home and get properly well, for once).

it's 8.15 am and so far i've: called in sick. text messaged a co-worker cancelling an interview with her sister (who i hope to see tomorrow so i can recruit her for my group to start monday). gotten a call from another teammember who i then guided over the phone so she could log onto my computer and open a few monitoring programs that are good for the team to have access to so they know how their sales are going, and if people are indeed taking calls properly.

so much for sleeping in. :)

in a couple of hours i'm heading to the housing office to discuss possibly trading my apartment in for a smaller apartment in april. here's hoping that goes well.

...what happened to staying home sick and just getting to sleep and rest? hahaha. i'm so bad at this.