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Sun, Jan. 21st, 2007, 12:22 am
snow. 8(

i'm not going to lie - i was really hoping this was going to be a snowless winter. as the weeks kept passing by with pleasant air and just a bit of rain and then that crap storm the other week, i was thinking maybe the weather was finally on the same page as me (i have always felt that january is the first month of spring. hehe. whaaaat? new year, new season, is what i say.) but.. no.

it's been snowing for hours now. the sky has that strange orange tint from fog and snow and electric lights.

oh well. it could be worse. it could be monday.. anyway, i much prefer getting to nuzzle up indoors with some emo playlist and my little projects to work on. still. BOO for snow. 8(

i went to the landlord's office the other day, and she's going to see if she can find me some options wrt tennants in the neighbourhood who'd like to trade up to a larger apartment. she said there's quite a lot of people who've been waiting for a bigger apartment to become available, and since i really don't need 3 rooms when i start living on my own in april, i'm hoping it'll all be worked out easily as i'd simply trade apartments with somebody.

i probably wouldn't mind trying a different neighbourhood, really, but i simply don't have the time or energy to properly look, so it'd make life a lot easier to just switch apartments and keep most things familiar. also, the two-room apartments are all pretty large, all come with a balcony, and all have fiber-broadband (after a year with 100 mb/s websurfing, i'd really like to avoid going back to 24 mb/s ADSL, hehe.) built in. plus, cable-tv and electricity is always included in the rent from the getgo - i like that.

i'm not looking forward to my rent almost doubling since i barely make it as it is, but whatever. it's unavoidable. i've cut down majorly on things like going to concerts, and am limiting dvd-purchases to two/month so.. i think it'll be fine. maybe. heh. (actually, i have no idea if it'll be fine - i haven't tried calculating my new cost of living yet - with my school loan payments increasing, and my insurance, etc, i.. should break even, barely. yey...)

fucking snow. hehe.