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Tue, Jan. 30th, 2007, 11:59 pm
say what?

i'm really having trouble grasping that january's practically over. i haven't got a clue what i've been doing for, apparently, almost 5 weeks of 2007.

- i've gone to the movies a lot. i seem to have a standing friday night movie deal with a friend, which has been pretty cool, and i also 'need' to stay on top of things so i can be properly into the oscars so thank you, bt..

- i worked on lbw online a lot. it turned out pretty good so that's good. haha listen to me, i'm totally bland. :)

- i recruited new staff and trained one or two newbies every week, which is a lot (and not over, as i have to get two more newbies by next week).

- i caught up with a lot of people i'd lost touch with over the past six months (wait, that's a lie - they graciously decided to reconnect with me and i was thrilled by it. i'm much too unfocused to follow through on all my intentions to stay in touch with people.)

- i dyed my hair red again since gabi was complaining about my roots, and they were getting pretty bad.. now she's whining that i need a haircut, but i haven't gone to a hairdresser for that since i was 15, and simply won't. hello, own scissors, etc. my hair is thin and reedy and very, very soft, and there's simply not much exciting stuff that can be done with it, especially since i refuse to get bangs, and want to be able to braid it when i get annoyed.

- and then the brother-thingy that meant i could stop apartment hunting, which was nice. so now i'm obsessed with thinking about getting a cat. i wonder if that means my subconscious has decided i am to live in stockholm for the foreseeable future.. we'll see.

- i'm still working on "one hundred years of solitude." it's really good, but i only have time to read 5-15 pages/day because i've been tired on my commute home in the evenings and prefer to just rest and half-sleep and almost-dream, and i've had lunch in the company of random people lately so.. it's taking forever, but i kind of don't mind because it's a good book to have last a while.

and now, after this fascinating entry, i will go sleep. oh, i hope i don't have a repeat of last night's dream. i totally dreamt i was dating an acquaintance who i've never seen in that light before, and it had me very confused in the morning. brain on sleep chemicals = SILLY place. like the time i dreamt i was marrying drew carey. say what? haha. or when peter o'toole was chasing me, trying to kill me by stabbing me with a piece of toast.

of course, once your brain has bothered to go there, it's just all kinds of weird. not necessarily weird-bad, just... weird.

ok. sleep now. cin cin!