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Sat, Feb. 3rd, 2007, 04:11 pm
heart-shaped box

gosh, i feel miserable. it's just a cold (or something flu-ish), and i've certainly had worse ones, but despite breaking out the heavy ibuprofen artillery, i still feel feverish and very woozy. my skin tingles uncomfortably, and my stomach feels upset. meh. i don't even have a runny nose, just a strange, scratchy feeling in my throat, and again, the fever.

i stayed in bed until well past 1 pm, my sleep only interrupted by a handful of phonecalls, and i still feel ready to crawl back under the covers at any minute now but i won't because i'm only dreaming weird things. funny how dreams resurrect all sorts of people from the past, and put current people in whole new lights.

i tricked my friend into seeing rocky balboa in the theater last night, and it turned out to be worse than i'd heard (too much sly slurry talking, not enough rocky punching cold slaughterhouse meat and not enough triumphant 80s music), although good in some spots, so i felt a bit bad. oh well. they can't all be winners. if you think this is enough to not make me go see the next rambo-movie, you are so wrong. my nostalgia runs deep and wiiiide, hehe. that first rambo movie is so sad. oh, dude, remember when rambo stitches up his own arm-wound? gross!

hehe. this is where my feverish brain takes me.

and it makes me listen to sad songs and get all mopey. i probably should try and sleep the day away, but i won't.

my boss starts her maternal leave next week. considering she used to frustrate me quite a bit, i'm now really bummed. we may not always see eye to eye on things, but she's given me a whole lot of responsibilities and chances to develop new skills in a way i never expected. while it's been hard to feel like i've been in over my head a lot of the time, i can't deny that it's felt pretty cool to find myself having full authority to hire people, and to be in charge over my team with no questions asked wrt my decisions. i wonder how that'll go over with her replacement. oh well.

duuude. i have too many sad songs! i feel like curling up on somebody's lap and just plain mope. i think i need to go find some of my aquabats songs. cincin.