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Sat, Feb. 3rd, 2007, 05:28 pm
in honor of eurovision

so, tonight is the first of a handful of televised song-contests for the swedish people to vote and select entries to enter a final contest from which we'll select this year's swedish entry into the eurovision song contest later this spring. i cannot wait. i ADORE the song contest. i love that we drag the process out for weeks and weeks and weeks. the longer the process, the more crazy outfits and songs to love, i say!

so, for you poor people not really into the eurovision song contest, i've put together a youtube collection with some previous entries from various european countries that i LOVE. some because they're cheesy-good, and some because they are amazingly bad and therefore lovable. eurovision songs can only be 3 minutes long, so it's easy to browse. :)

so, here you go!

GREECE, 2002! the password! the password!! oh, the outfits, oh, the choreography, oh, the accents.. fucking love it. how happy does that guy singing look? i'm getting jeff goldblum-vibes, hahaha. i'm such a nerd-lover.

belgian entry, 1980, telex!

france, 1991 - sadly beaten by SWEDEN, but i adore amina's voice when she does the "oh-waaah-o-waaah.." wailing.

celine dion, winning in 1988! i totally loved this performance back then - i've always loved the bombastic belters. check out celine's outfit, hehe!

turkey, 2003! i voted like crazy for this one because sertab looks like drusilla from buffy and i kept thinking i was watching a turkish vampire madonna. fun stuff!

germany 1982, i was 5 years old, and thought this was sooo pretty. i still get all smiley from it - she sounds so sincere. dude, they have a HARP. :)

johnny logan, ireland 1987! dude, i was 9, and loved patrick swayze and dirty dancing, and totally thought johnny logan looked like swayze, hehe, and loved this cheesy song. hehehehhehe. HEY I WAS NINE. hoooold me noooooow, don't cryyyyy! check him out when he starts crouching weirdly around the 2.25 mark!

alright. enough. to cleanse your palate, as well as mine, i leave you with something fabulous and not eurovision:

john legend performing show me in milan. sigh. ok, now i need to listen to jeff buckley. cin cin.

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)

AWWWWWWW Nicoooole! I loved that song, too!
daaaaaß die Weeeelt in Friiiiiiieden leeeeeeeeeeeeeeebt etc etc... it's also the only time that a German song from the contest actually lasted throught the actual contest and became famous... except maybe for the ironic ones a couple of years ago that at least got noticed:
Stefan Raab - Wadde Hadde Dudde Da (on youtube), which is hilarious
Guildo hat euch lieb - its sort of sad that they started to take things seriously again. :-)

Anyway - I miss the days when it was still had its fancy French name!

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 02:16 pm (UTC)

that nicole song is SOOOO pretty, like angel-hippies singing across the world. hehe. :D

germany often has some pretty funny entries. it's always interesting to see what route a country has taken with their entry - it tends to be either mock-funny over-the-top, or a ballad about angels, or some imitation of real chart-music (like balkan hip-hop or some estonian britney wannabe).

i'm really hoping swedish band the ark wins our national vote and gets sent to represent this year - i haven't heard their song yet, but the ark is an ACTUAL band, and i love their music, and they put on a great liveshow, so it would be really interesting to see how actual swedish music would fare, rather than the usual dreck.

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 11:48 am (UTC)

Oh I love love love Eurovision. I watch it with subtitles so I can see the translations and I laugh solidly for about 3 hours. Bliss!

The only downside is the population of England's undeniable propensity to vote for crap as the nation's song. Ha!

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 02:04 pm (UTC)
somabish: hehehe

it really is great - my only pet annoyance is the rule that let's everybody sing in english these days. BOO! i want my eurovision solidly crazy-european, complete with really incromprehensible singing. i always think it's cool how some of the "best" songs have won, despite the majority of europeans having a clue what the lyrics are. oh well.

..england really does send some stinkers. it's so ODD. do the british people _really_ vote to send a specific song on? it's always seemed so strange that a country with otherwise plenty of good music consistently sends along really weird, BAD stuff. i think the last good uk song i remember was gina g's "ooh aah just a little bit" ..

oh well. i come from a country that sends a new variation on abba-songs every year, so who am i to judge. ;)

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
bluediamond: Re: hehehe

I have to admit, I long for the days when everyone sang in their native languages. It was made all the more glorious by long standing Eurovision commentator Terry Wogan launch scathing attacks on everyone's costumes.

I have no idea why we come up with such idiotic noises to perform at Eurovision. Sometimes I think the general population is trying to take the piss by voting for the worst song. Even the commentators berrate the nation for choosing such drivel. It's embarrassing.

More amusingly, Morrissey has asked to be considered for this year's contest. That is an hilarious party just waiting to happen!

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 02:24 pm (UTC)
somabish: Re: hehehe

oh ghod, eurovision song contest COSTUMERS are the BEST! it's like liberace's closets exploded all over europe! love iiiit. :D the women look more and more like prostitutes, it's hysterical. last year my favourite oufit was probably turkey's:

turkish tattooed sailor gwen stefani! i don't know what she was thinking. she could look really good, but really.. doesn't. and the bellowing. sooo funny. :D

i remember britian's last year, some school uniform nonsense, right? ugh. :)

i read that about moz, I HOPE IT COMES TRUE! i would run up a HUGE phonebill voting for him, GLADLY. :D

oh, you know what would rule? if TATU performed with him, hehe. ultimate eurovision dream. :D

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
bluediamond: Re: hehehe

Ha! I remember giggling extremely loudly at the Turkish performance! I'm telling you, sometimes I think Liberace had more style than half the people who get up on stage.


Yes, our pitiful contribution had women dressed as school-girls. It might well have been actual school-girls - I remember wondering if it was legal at the time. Embarrassing!

When we have the prelim contest for choosing this year's song, I'm going all out for Moz. If TATU were to give him a helping hand, I might laugh myself into an early-daffodil-covered grave. Wonderful!

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 05:43 pm (UTC)

And it's ten years already since The Best Eurosong Song Ever:

Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007 05:49 pm (UTC)
somabish: wow

i have NO recollection of this one, and i'm really surprised, because i really like it! thank you for pointing it out to me! :D