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Tue, Feb. 6th, 2007, 10:26 pm

Eternal embrace - Couple still hugging 5,000 years on (reuters)

eternal embrace

this photo grabbed my attention just now as i'm about to go to bed. and i'm thinking about how they look really at peace and, well, happy, embracing each other, even though i know it's just the way we look, well, eh, underneath. anyway. i wonder what happened to them. (i figured i'd put it behind a cut since i don't know if this might offend/weird somebody out to see. personally, i was really moved by the photo.)

anyway. just thought i would share.

still have a cold. i sound like a kid when i talk (colds always make my voice more girlish, to the amusement of all at work who suddenly can't take anything i say seriously), and i now have a runny nose. but it's okay.

trained two new kids yesterday. they're excellent. i'm pleased.

my boss pops by for an hour or so tomorrow, and then she goes on early maternity leave. i hope work'll remain the way it's been before, and not introduce any crazy new stuff to mess my world up.

i'm feeling a bit fragile today, so i have a feeling i'll be stuck thinking about this photo for quite a while before i'll be able to sleep. incidentally, i'm working my way through neil gaiman's "fragile things" so.. maybe that'll give me some other dream fodder.

cin cin.