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Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007, 09:58 pm

the week has been very exhausting. my cold has been very textbook - every day, it moves into a different phase (first the wooziness during the weekend, then almost lost my voice monday, then sore throat tuesday, and now runny nose and icky cough and wheezing yesterday and today), but it's finally starting to feel like it's getting better so whatever.

every single day i've gone to work planning to make it a short day, and every fucking day i've spent 10 hours at the office. of course, i trained two newbies monday and suddenly my team is so big (13 ppl but one is leaving tomorrow) it kind of freaks me out. i still have a lot of people calling in sick (since everybody has been passing this nasty cold around for the past two weeks), but it's kind of nuts to come back from lunch and find 10+ people all on the phone talking and knowing they're MY peeps, hehe.

i really like the new teammembers, though. it feels like a much more fun group than the group i had up until new year's. i'm glad the people who quit, quit, and i'm glad i let a few of them go (though sincerely wish i'd handled it a tad bit better and quicker), and i'm happy to see that the majority of the new kids are working out well. there are maybe 2-3 newbies that still need quite a lot of work, but all but one of them are really making an effort and that goes a long way so...

oh, yesterday was so funny - i went to bed shortly after 9 pm and then a while later a friend called and we talked on the phone and then i went back to sleep and dreamt we were still talking on the phone. so then i woke up and was really confused and checked my cellphone to figure out if it had indeed been a dream or not. didn't see his call registered so i sent a text message detailing our conversation from the dream and went back to sleep.

well, he didn't quite get what my text message was about (and when i woke up i had no recollection of sending it) but when i read it back i remembered and explained in an e-mail about the conversation i dreamt we'd had. to which he responded that it WASN'T a dream, we _did_ have that conversation for real. hahaha. except he'd called my landline phone, not the cellphone, which is why i must have gotten so confused when i woke up.

(although it weirds me out that i had an ACTUAL conversation with somebody telling them i wanted to go see the moose at skansen zoo because moose (wtf is the plural??? MICE?!) ruuuules. doesn't that sound more like a weird dream assertion rather than an actual awake-thing to say?!)


also attended a teamleader-only meeting with the company vp. it was cool, though as usual i was so nervous he was gonna ask me anything to do with the business side of work. he did, but they were easy questions and i knew the answers so that was a relief, but i really am incredibly crappy flinging financial lingo around, so bleh.

for some reason i tend to be able to get away with acting a bit, i don't know, ditzy, around boss-people, and still have them think i'm kind of capable of things. but i'm practically 30 - that's bound to stop working soon (i highly doubt a 40-year-old jennie would seem charming when freaking out about the boss possibly asking about numbers and budget status). maybe i'll develop some gravitas over the next 10 years, eh?? hehe.

ok. tomorrow = friday = almost weekend = HOORAY.

Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 09:14 pm (UTC)

every single day i've gone to work planning to make it a short day, and every fucking day i've spent 10 hours at the office.

Story of my life. And you're also one of those who go in every day, even if you're feeling like someone/something chewed you up and spat you out? Seriously, what's wrong with us. :)

Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 09:26 pm (UTC)

"you're also one of those who go in every day, even if you're feeling like someone/something chewed you up and spat you out?"

YES. we're stupid. hahaha. it's just, if i don't go in, nobody else can step in and do shit, and then i'll have MORE crap to deal with when i return so i always talk myself into going in just for a few hours to get things going, and then once i'm there i can't fucking leeeeave.

we're dumbasses (possibly with an overdeveloped sense of our own importance at work? ;)) :)

Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 09:46 pm (UTC)

I don't know about you, but I've started to tell myself off (including the word "dumbass") every time I go past a mirror, so - well, yeah. The real question, though, is do you get paid accordingly? If the answer is yes, it should be clear that I'm the only 4Real dumbass around... :)

Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 09:53 pm (UTC)

do you get paid accordingly?

NO! so we're definitely two dumbasses.

however, IF my project finally pans out and we get it extended, then i will definitely ask for a raise - if the project is pulled march 31, i don't have much of a leg to stand on wrt a raise, but if we keep it, i will certainly try to make my case for once, because i fucking deserve it.

the only good thing is, no matter what happens, i have 120+ paid hours saved that i can theoretically use, along with my regular 25 paid vacation days, so... if the project folds, i can take time off with pay, and if it's extended, i can demand better pay AND take a bit of time off with pay.

or at least, that's what i keep telling myself. knowing me, i will NEVER find a good moment to ask for time off, and will continue being a dumbass. :)

Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)