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Tue, Feb. 13th, 2007, 09:55 am
fooled again and again and again..

i'm SUCH an idiot. if i wasn't, well, me, i would probably be fine with money. but i am me, and this me is ridiculously disinterested in finding financial stability, so i shoot myself in the foot every month.

sunday evening, i was fine. i had a small chunk of money saved from the last paycheck and was feeling good about it. today, 10 am tuesday, i'm down to $56 until february 23.

what happened? i had to go to the dentist because a tooth i'd planned to get fixed in a few weeks started to hurt a bit, so i had to move the appointment and have it fixed yesterday. bye bye, $312. (and come february 26 when i fix another tooth, bye bye another $241)

and then.. okay, so, the who announced a stockholm show this summer and you KNOW i am insane with concerts, and i really like some of their songs a whole lot, so a friend said he'd come with, and i got ready for the ticket release, right, and planned on getting some medium-priced tickets when... insane concert-idiot jennie popped out and wham. two tickets to 5th row: $270.

so. yeah. that's how you go from "okay" on money to "$56 to last me 10 days" in a day and a half.

but hey. fifth row the who tickets feel pretty good anyway. i'm still bummed i didn't splurge and get the third row dolly parton ticket i could have gotten last year. so, whatever.

and if i WASN'T broke, i know i'd be an idiot and give into my intense sudden urge to buy this perfume because it's sooo yummie. hey, it's kind of amusing that that perfume costs $20 more than what i currently have in my bank account. hahaha. sigh. oh well.

Tue, Feb. 13th, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)

:O But The Who.....

I hope you can make it 10 days on $56!

Tue, Feb. 13th, 2007 07:45 pm (UTC)
somabish: :)

it worked out - my concert friend deposited a chunk of moola in my account (i totally forgot i hadn't asked him for his share from tickets i've bought for kristin hersh, regina spektor, joanna newsom and now the who - so glad he thought of it) so now i should be fine.

and dude - fifth row seats to the who feels pretty great. thank you for getting me into them (since i only really knew 2-3 songs before you showed me tommy and quadrophenia!) ... well, you, and CSI! hehehe. singing along to the csi theme songs for years have permanently gotten me smitten with wanting to hear daltrey do those screams for real.

and i so want to hear the baba o'riley intro live in a large venue. my only concern is that it's a seated event - i understand that it won't be a particularly young audience, but i'd still rather get to dance and bounce properly than be SEATED at a who concert? oh well. i guess everybody can stand up and shimmie at certain points... :)