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Tue, Mar. 6th, 2007, 12:20 am

i realize i mentioned it earlier, but i was at work and couldn't post much so i figured i'd do a slightly more expanded regina spektor entry. also, my internet was broken most of the evening (stupid internet!) so i really haven't been online much until now, when it suddenly got back on track. hooray, internet!

well, really, i just kinda want to show a few pictures. i'm a bit surprised any turned out at all since i was in ninth row, but whatever. cool!

also, i didn't snap many because the guy next to me asked me not to pretty early on, and i've no desire to be an ass, so i refrained until the encores, and then only snapped a few inbetween songs. (out of 33 pictures, 15 are all of inbetween songs-regina, and most of the first batch i snapped during the second and third song, and i never use flash, so it's not like i was seriously being annoying, but again - i obviously won't photograph if somebody asks me not to.)

it was cool getting to see a more glammed up regina with a band (compared to the first show i saw her do back in 2005). she had a cold, and the audience was being very stockholm quiet, but both regina and the crowd warmed up a few songs into it.

she did a good blend of old and new songs (baby jesus, fidelity, poor little rich boy, better, sailor song, that time, your honor, us, carbon monoxide, saaamson). i had trouble containing my glee because practically every song she did is a huge favourite of mine. oh, but it was so awesome to see her do "aprés moi" with a band and gorgeous red backdrop, rather than the solo-version at the last show.

it didn't really matter much that she repeated large parts of the setlist from the 2005 stockholm show, because some of them were with a band this time, which made a big difference. and hell, they're all such yummie songs, it's not like i'm going to complain over getting to see her do "us" again. :)

i put up her intro a capella song ("ain't no cover") on youtube - her face got blotted out by the lights, but listening to her tap the rhythm is so cool, and the audio is pretty good. it's only lacking the first few lines, really.

i put up 16 photo's at killtoknow.org.

regina spektor

regina spektor

regina spektor

Tue, Mar. 6th, 2007 07:00 am (UTC)

You are just too nice. I would have snapped a bunch of him. lol

Tue, Mar. 6th, 2007 10:54 am (UTC)

eh, i already knew i had some shots i liked, and it feels too selfish to disturb somebody who wants a magical show just as much as i do, but doesn't want to have to be disturbed by my lcd-screen (even though i try to shield it as much as possible).

i certainly got annoyed by everybody using their flashes (morons! you don't use flash at a concert!!), so it was okay. i figured i'd wait for the encores and then snap some more, and that worked. :)

Tue, Mar. 6th, 2007 12:29 pm (UTC)

true true. I guess it is because I go to shows where everyone is jumping around and smashing into one another that I said that. Certainly at a Michael Bublé concert I would want to sit and enjoy...

or jump up on stage ;)