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Wed, Mar. 7th, 2007, 10:34 pm
weird day

i was on time for the subway, but the subway was not on time for me. meh.

i got to the metro station and the little signs were all black. eventually a voice came on the speakers and explained that the trains weren't going all the way to downtown stockholm, but rather running shuttle traffic over a few stations and then we'd have to get on buses and then switch again to another bus and.. all i got out of it was that i would be very late for work. frr.

so after an additional 10 minute wait, a train finally came by and we shuffled aboard. i had to spend time figuring out who on my team i could trust to "open" (i.e. be logged in the second our switchboard goes live at 8 am every morning) but quickly got a hold of the right kids and could stop worrying about that. and after a few stations, the conductor announced that we'd be the first train allowed to go all the way, and thus we wouldn't have to do the bus-thing. cheers all around, etc.

..so we get to the station right before the stop where i get off and switch trains, and i was feeling all "oooh, almost theere!" inside, when i look up just in time to watch this one girl faint. sure, the train car was packed, but not that packed. there were enough people around to catch her as she slid down to the floor. poor girl. i told the people by the doors to pull the emergency brake, and this other girl dialed the emergency number, while a few others who were closer tended to the woman. after a long while, some train station people showed up and carried her off, but we still had to wait for the ambulance, which took forever.

such a weird morning. she seemed okay by the time we left, though.

after a few slow hours at work (reeeal slow. we had real dips inbetween calls, so i had to do my usual round of getting people to want to leave work early instead of hanging around getting paid for doing nothing. oddly enough, my team still prefers taking the afternoon off with no pay over staying their full 8 paid hours and being bored and barely taking calls. heh.), i was real bored.

i wasn't hungry, though, so i took an early lunch and went shopping for random groceries (no netto!). i bought 5 different types of lettuce. like, beet leaves and marigold leaves and baby spinacj and other fun looking green stuff. i'm such an addict. oh, and i bought baby carrotts. they're so cute and crunchy! i think i'll buy a few more bags and carry in my purse for random munching.

haha, most people have no clue what a veggy-addict i am. i don't necessarily buy a wide variety of veggies, but i eat a large salad almost every day with my dinner, featuring different types of lettuce and bellpepper and several kinds of lentils and beans and tomatoes and cucumber and a vinaigrette, and try to pick lunchplaces that let me have a similar salad with my lunch.

unfortunately, i'm not quite as into fruit, so i don't really eat enough fruit servings (i'd say a few bananas and grapes/week), i think. oh well. i'm making my vegan banana+fresh ginger pancakes tomorrow. haven't made them in a year or two. MMmMMMmMmmm.

and then i went to ikea with a co-worker and we bought tons of plants for the office, and other office supplies. and i bought myself some awesome lights on string (bright green plastic leaves, and bright flowers, so i can wrap them around my balcony rail for the summer, and turn the lights on in the evenings!).

eh. anyway. weird day.