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Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007, 09:42 pm

so, what is it with some people being just.. weird and kind of creepy?

like today, going home early from work, this dude got on the subway and sat in the seat diagonally across from mine, and just started to stare. and i mean stare. and it wasn't just like some random thing where maybe he recognized me or something, it was just this weird stare.. and it kept going and going and going.

obviously, i completely ignored it, which was hard considering he was like 2 feet away. i got out my book (thank goodness for the book! - alan alda's never have your dog stuffed: and other things i've learned) and proceeded to read it very intently.

the thing is, the dude refused to stop the stare. since he kept having a slight smile, i assumed it was some ridiculous attempt to try and force me to eventually look up and then he'd say something and i'd be trapped. so, i refused to look up.

after a while, like way over 5 minutes, i saw the lady (from the very corner of my eye) acoss from me actually turn her head and look at the dude because she too noticed he was staring at me and was obviously equally puzzled, but he totally didn't care.

so, this went on for the entire 16 minute trip he was on the train - all ten fucking stations. when he finally got up to go, he tapped my shoulder on the way past and started babbling assinine crap about how my face was so beautiful and how he'd been wanting to say that all through the trip (ick!) and whatever else crap he could think of, and then asked if he could give me his number.

i'm sorry, WHAT? what part of very obviously and purposely IGNORING your psycho-stare for 16 full minutes would make you think i'd accept a phone number and use it?

seriously! how does a person that clueless reach adulthood? meh?

oh well. it's not as bad as the dude in durham that got up into the middle aisle of the bus i was on and loudly pronounced that he wanted to marry me (and that i best not have a boyfriend because then he'd have to have a "talk" with him). (he was very scary serious, and obviously high. it was beyond scary, since it's not like he'd said a word to me before getting up). he continued to rant, and the other passengers thought it was funny at first, but it was so scary, he just wouldn't stop ranting at me in front of everybody. eventually the bus driver persuaded him to get off at the next stop.

or, oh man, the dude in chapel hill in full business suit that crossed heavy main street traffic to follow me into a drugstore (that i only went into because i was freaked out at seeing this stranger catch sight of me and make a bee-line, seemingly to follow me. i thought if i went inside the drugstore, i'd see that i'd been wrong, but i wasn't, and he simply followed me inside, ew) and ask (politely, but still??) if he could kiss the tattoo on my leg. wtf?!

haha. and i'd like to note that the proper conclusion to draw from all this is not that i'm snazzy (but i did have a good hairday today, haha), but that i am indeed a freak-magnet. meh!

people. fucking creepy, man! 8(

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 08:50 pm (UTC)

then asked if he could give me his number

Wow. Can you say "poor social skills"?

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)

yeah, seriously! and i don't get it - ok, here's a guy, obviously clueless, thinking he's being nice by refraining to say anything until i look up, but... honestly, i'd rather he'd just said something than do the 16-minute stare.

and "can i please give you my number"??? who the HELL would call this dude after the psycho-stare? i mean, i just can't imagine going "sure!" and getting his number, and then going home and then thinking "hmm, i think i'll call that dude whose name i don't know who psycho-stared at me for 10 stations! he thought i was pretty, i'd love to talk to him!"

...just.. so... lacking.

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 08:56 pm (UTC)

oh poor Jennie!
Seriously, people are fucked up!

I use to be scared to offend the creepy freaks, but now, I have no hesitation in walking away or moving to another seat/carriage..

I get it on the trains all the time.. half empty carriage, weirdo sits next to me.. and even when there are empty seats, they still don't move..

so I usually just get up and move a few rows in front of them.. hgahaha..

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)

yeah, see, creepy freaks happened to me so frequently in america that i'm pretty resistant to it (like, i wasn't seriously freaked today, just really, really amazed at his stupid behaviour), but the train car was filled, and so i decided to go the ignore-route simply to avoid a loud, embarrassing conversation.

had there been less people, i wouldn't have hesitated to loudly say "hey, could you please stop staring? it's making me uncomfortable" to him, but with so many people around, i knew if i said _anything_, it would turn into a loooong, annoying conversation, and there was no space to move away to in order to remove myself, so.. meh.

i'm not even gonna say that people are fucked up - i'll go out and say it: some men are WAY fucking freaky and it just amazes me that they can go through life just being that way. :O

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)

ick, that IS creepy! i've had a couple of starers in my time (and one flasher! ICK!) but none of them have actually spoken to me. sorry you had to put up with that. maybe if it happens again you should just get up and find another spot on the train?

and anyway, i still think you're snazzy! :)

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 09:29 pm (UTC)

ew, i had a flasher too, when i was just a kid, but i ignored that too - i'm obviously an excellent ignorer (my flashes spoke to me, but i ignored that too, and he went away)!

unfortunately, i was boxed in at the train - it was completely full, and even the aisle had people standing, and i was at a window seat with a grocery bag on the floor, so i was really stuck. i would have said something, but simply didn't want to have to deal with whatever embarrassing conversation would ensue, so... meh.

and anyway, i still think you're snazzy! :)

awwww, right back atcha!

Thu, Mar. 8th, 2007 10:10 pm (UTC)

Ewww that is nasty creepy!! The guy on my train last night just rang everyone in his phonebook and proceeded to tell them he was disowning them in a highly expletive ridden monologue.

No wonder he is due in court today - something he kept saying in between expletives.

Anyway I think you're utterly adorable - and I'm not freaky. Erm.... let's move on shall we? HA!