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Mon, Mar. 12th, 2007, 09:46 am
new steps new steps new steps

man, i've been craving boardgames for a while now. the itch was particularly bad friday night, so i went to toys'r'us with a friend, and.. let's just say we've gone from owning zero games, to owning 6 games. haha. (i also bought 100 glow stars, wee! my bedroom ceiling is gonna look so awesome.)

we got scrabble, and battleship, and a cheap edition of trivial pursuit (mainly pop culture questions, and there's a dvd-component), and a swedish game dealing with the swedish language (including game bits such as having to imitate certain swedish accents, haha), and other stuff.

of course, we only ended up playing one game of trivial pursuit (and it ended in a draw because it was almost 7 am, d'oh. i've no clue how many hours the game had lasted at that point, but we went through maybe 120 cards worth of questions.. you know it's total game-fatigue when you allow a game of TP to end in a draw.), but now we HAVE the games, should the mood strike again. yey, go boardgames!

saturday, we watched sing. i am so grateful to the net.stranger who sent it to me on a dvd-r. i love showing it to people. oh, it's super-cheesy, but i love the songs (and rachel sweet!) so much and can't deal with it being so unknown.

and now it's monday and something is wonky with the temperature because it's really way too hot inside the office, and is making me want to sleeeep. meh. oh well. new week to go.

oh, and the ark is sweden's official entry into the eurovision song contest this year. eh, the song isn't their best, but i adore singer ola salo and his glammy ass. :)

Mon, Mar. 12th, 2007 01:19 pm (UTC)

Yay, board games. I hope you have fun. :D