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Mon, Mar. 12th, 2007, 08:55 pm

as i was going in to work this morning, the subway stopped at a station and the driver announced that we'd have to stay there a few minutes while he rebooted the train. so, he rebooted the train and... we still stayed put.

eventually, we heard an announcement on the intercom by the outside train platform saying that "a train was standing still att xx station due to technical problems and passengers would be rerouted onto the next train." ..it took another 5 minutes for our driver to make the same announcement. d'oh.

so, i was late for work. to make up for it, i... managed to leave work early (a full 30 minutes! hehe!), got on a train to go home and... suddenly, after 3 stations, the train left a stop, went into a tunnel and.. died.

downtown stockholm suffered a power outtage, and i got stuck sitting on the train in a tunnel, on a track going uphill, and we were blocked by a train both in front of us and behind us. we were stuck for 20+ minutes. MEH. haha. so much for my early day! it took me an hour to make the same trip that normally takes maybe 12 minutes. hooray. thank goodness i'm not in the least bit claustrophobic. :)

so. trains. suck. meh. 8(

and happy birthday, warsop! here's to a speedy recovery. :)

Wed, Mar. 14th, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)

God, that sounds like my commute every single day! Right now they're doing work on my train line so there's just NO trains on weekends. None. If I want to go anywhere I have to cab it. It sucks. Not to mention that when they do run during the week - there's delays aplenty. I hate the NYC transit system!!!

As for the scary guy eyeing you on the train - who can blame him - you are pretty hot looking! Miss Tori-look-alike. Hope all is well otherwise!