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Thu, Mar. 15th, 2007, 11:14 pm
i'm gooing :D

i got the go ahead for paris around 3 pm today - eeeeeh! (i guess theoretically, i shouldn't say i'm going for sure until i'm actually there, because things can always change, but by now i've made non-refundable reservations, so i hope that means i'm going for sure... right? hehe.)

and because i need to be at the seminar at 9 am monday morning and no flights fit that schedule, i'm going to paris on sunday, which means i will get at least an afternoon of sightseeing, which will rock. yey!

i booked the flight, and i've made a reservation at the hotel du square d'Anvers paris, which was both cheap and seems nice, with a pretty central location. i'm very paranoid that something will go wrong with the reservation since i made the reservation right off that website rather than through an agency.

i have so many things to be paranoid about, but i feel more relaxed now knowing that i will arrive a day early to get a handle on things before i need to find my way to the scary seminar. i will stay in paris sunday-friday. how cool is this? i'll tell you how cool: supercool!

need to brush up on my french. i can speak a bit of french, but i don't think i'll understand what anybody says to me back, so i'm going to stick to english, but still. i aim to: snap photo's, see the eiffel tower, eat a crêpe or two, and find a supercute patisserie with those cute marie antoinette pastel-coloured tiny pastries.

seriously. so cool. :D and scary! but cool. :D

ok. i go to bed now and dream of strange french sheep. cin cin!

Thu, Mar. 15th, 2007 10:44 pm (UTC)

i am so happy for you! also, i have to admit, a bit jealous! i'd love to travel somewhere cool like that for work. that's great that you'll get some time to yourself for sightseeing and your hotel looks really nice as well. also, as someone else said in your previous post, post 6pm is good for seeing Paris as well. in fact, i'd even go as far to say that it's even better and even more beautiful at night due to how well the city is lit up. i hope you have a great time!