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Fri, Apr. 6th, 2007, 11:54 pm

it's been a really nice time here in norway. we've taken a lot of long walks, whined about the cold winds, taken a lot of random photo's (no clue when i might show photo's, i'm kind of never-ever actually home anymore, which means i never have a chance to move pictures off my memory cards and onto my pc, and... i sort of don't really mind. go figure. :)), cuddled white cats a lot, and watched some my name is earl (and battlestar galactica, for frakk's sake!), and met up with lovely touretta.

tomorrow, my hosts are going off elsewhere while i go and hopefully have a good time stalking trent reznor (though having him write a blog entry today about how he's bored and worn out from touring and is a bit unhappy with the show he's put together doesn't exactly make me go 'whee!' about having two nin-shows in a row lined up... wtg, trent :P hahaha).

pariserhjul has been very thoughtful, writing down all sorts of useful information (like the number to the fire department, and where to find her cats if they go missing (they're usually sleeping in the dryer, haha) and where to hide the key when i leave first thing sunday morning) for me, so all should be fine.

i've never had to find my way around oslo on my own before, so it's going to be kind of fun figuring things out for myself. my funds are really, really low, so here's hoping nothing unexpected occurs, haha. :)

is it just me, or am i crap at updating this thing lately? i'm just never around computers long enough these days. eh. it's sort of totally okay. life is ...pretty good, even without excessive online geeking. yeah.

hey, did i mention gabi moved out of our apartment last weekend? i assume it went well - i was gone for most of the time so missed the whole thing. this means i have a few short weeks to make the apartment alllll mine before my brother comes to claim space at the end of the month.

what else haven't i mentioned... uh, monday night, i went and saw kristin hersh, and had a lovely time! yes, i took pictures. not very good ones, though. see above rant re: pictures. i took an okay video of her doing gazebo tree but youtube made the sound unsync with the footage, so i'm kind of 'eh' about it. it's up here, though, if you wanna see. i particularly love the way kristin moves her head like a snake, side to side.

in fact, we have a lot of shows lined up. i think i need to stop looking at new concerts being announced, because, well, i'm broke enough as it is.

as it stands, i'm seeing nin twice this weekend, then joanna newsom april 22 (who i don't actually like much on record, but who i think might be cool to see live??), thomas dybdahl may 5 (all because of a certain norwegian chick who has made me very curious to see him, even though i don't know any dybdahl songs :)), then maia hirosawa may 10, then maria mckee may 17, hopefully tori amos in oslo, june 14, then patti smith june 18, then the who on july 6. (and gwen stefani october 10, haha!)


ok. time to go sleep. cin cin!

Fri, Apr. 6th, 2007 11:20 pm (UTC)

hehe.. I have tickets to 2 nin shows.. am very tempted to get tickets for a third show.. hehe..I guess I'll see if there are any tickets left at the time and how I go for monies..

Sat, Apr. 7th, 2007 11:47 am (UTC)

2 is a good start. :)

ugh, i'm not in the moooood, hahaha, and my first show is tonight. oh well. it'll be fun once i'm there. i just haven't been to a push-and-shove show since, like, last summer. i've grown used to the "tiny shows with zero pushing" concerts so now i'm all "eeeeh" about this one. but it'll be fine. if i have a good show tonight, i can be more relaxed and hang back at the show tomorrow, and if it's a not so good show tonight, i have tomorrow to have a better one. :)

Sat, Apr. 7th, 2007 11:12 am (UTC)

heh, i know what you mean about joanna newsom. i'm still a bit on the fence about a lot of her music, but i was the one who suggested to david that we get tickets to see her in september because i think live she'd be very interesting.

Sat, Apr. 7th, 2007 11:48 am (UTC)

yeah, haha, it's weird - i haven't really felt like listening to her much, and her music hasn't grabbed me, but i saw her on tv once and i've heard so many reports on ppl loving her live performances so i figured it'd be a good time regardless, and the tickets weren't terribly expensive so.. it'll be nice, i'm sure. :)