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Sun, Apr. 8th, 2007, 12:29 am
oh. my. fucking. god.

i'm sorry, but there's no other way to title this entry. i just got back from seeing nine inch nails in oslo.


there was no special pre-show thingy, but i met several nice norwegian and german fans in the spiral fanclub line, so at least i had good company while waiting in the bitter cold for 4 hours. thank goodness pariserhjul lent me a jacket to wear, it was so much colder than i had planned for!

spiral ppl were let in 15 minutes before everybody else, which meant i ended up front row, on the rail, maybe two people off to the left of middle. i stayed there for the duration. ladytron opened. very pretty girls. need a smaller stage. hrm. but very pretty. yes.

and then... waaaaah! :) (i just saw a forum post from one of the "am seeing every show on the tour" ppl and she hated the show. go figure. of course, it's 6-7 years since i last saw trent. he could have walked on the stage, burped, and left, and i would have gotten a kick out of it. eeeh. whatever. :))

i haven't got a clue if i got any decent pictures - i doubt i got anything ground breaking because every song featured a smoke machine which made it hard to get non-blurry pictures. i don't really care. because, you see, i managed to film a video of "piggy" and.. well. seriously. you'll see. it's safe to say it features a lot of trent. :)

i'll try and put it up tomorrow once i'm back in stockholm. you know. before i go see TRENT AGAIN. tomorrow, i'm not aiming to be very far up front. it sort of can't get any better than it was tonight, and i already have trent saliva and sweat on me (hrm. time to shower, methinks!, haha!) so that's sort of... done. plus, i don't think my ribs can handle another solid crushing session again for a while.

so. yeah. saringirl, you're going to have SUCH a great time soon! :D

they played, uhm... lemme think. the ones i remember clearly:

somewhat damaged
march of the pigs
beginning of the end
gave up (yey! :))
the hand that feeds (yey!)
head like a hole

i had fun. now, i sleeep. tomorrow, i do it all over again, except definitely more low-key (and with company). cin cin!

Sun, Apr. 8th, 2007 12:22 am (UTC)

omg omg omg omg!!!!
I can't wait!!!!!!!

I also gave in and downloaded a copy of year zero.. and wow..
just wow..