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Wed, Apr. 18th, 2007, 11:23 pm

okay. listening to new tori. hehe. i promise not to spoil anything, .. there are a handful of tracks that i'm intensely loving on a first-listen basis. as in, they excite me more than 95% of scarlet's walk and the beekeeper ever have, and i'm not even a hater of those albums (just not a lover :)).

because tori + guitars + good beats + nifty vocal tricks = MY tori.

so there. :)

i so wish i had an mp3-player, i need to find the time to listen repeatedly to this and the new nin so i can properly digest. sigh. i think the universe needs to make an mp3-player suddenly appear in my life. yeah.


tori's new video. it's so fucking bad that i love it. i've watched it three times now. it just get funnier, and more bizarre, with every watch. can it really count as an official video if it can double as a fan-made youtube collage video? hahahaha. seriously. wtf. hahahahaha. hey, considering the amount of airplay her videos tend to get, this kind of feels like it had just the right budget ($50 and a bag of doritos to the kid putting it together?) to make sense.. like.. the cost to license the imovie program, hahaha. and yet, i can't stop watching it. going in for my fourth view in a row... cin cin!

p.s. i realize she's doing the character thing again but for the first time ever, i haven't bothered investigating, so it's all just even more obviously tori playing dress-up, haven't a clue what the characters are, but i don't care. who doesn't like to dress up? haha. if i had rich-money, i would so drastically change my hair every few weeks, or at least buy more horns and ears and shit. haha.

Thu, Apr. 19th, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)

i just watched Tori's appearance on Loose Women, a British daytime talk show, from earlier today. she had the red wig (i'm assuming it's a wig) with bangs on and i thought it looked awful. it made her nose look huuuuge...

she played Velvet Revolution and Programmeable Soda, both which i kind of liked. here's hoping. i'm going to try and be good and wait for the album, which i've already pre-ordered with birthday gift vouchers anyway.