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Fri, Apr. 20th, 2007, 10:47 am
punching at paperbags

haha, this morning is so frustrating!

and now when i was trying to think of a good way to describe how silly and frustrated i feel, all that came up was that i feel like i'm punching at paperbags, but then i couldn't figure out if that was an actual expression or just something random that popped into my head.

like, i literally feel the way punching at an empty paper bag would feel - futile and frustrating, so i googled it and i only find one hit, regardless how i phrase the query, so then i asked our resident scotsman on the team and he didn't recognize it so now i feel a bit nuts, because i could swear it's an expression, i just can't find the proof! do you have proof? did i maybe just get it slightly wrong? please validate me.

*deep breath*

seriously. frustrated. overly frustrated, even - and painfully aware that i'm overreacting to things.

like, i actually felt it necessary to stomp around the entire office and collect all whiteboard markers because i felt really personally annoyed that people go take new whiteboard markers from the office supply closet when there are so many perfectly okay markers already out there, and then they just HOARD THEM everywhere, and then they go get NEW MARKERS AGAIN, and i don't know why i'm so pissy about it, but i am.

so i gathered them all up, tested them all on my whiteboard to confirm that they work, all 5 million of them, and then i sorted them back into the supply closet. because i want allll the other crappy teamleaders to have to go and start over with their hoarding from scratch to give them a feel of how annoyed i get every morning when my markers are gone. so petty! haha. and futile.

i managed to keep myself from leaving a sour note in there as well, haha, because seriously, WTF! i am not in charge of buying supplies, and it's not like it's my own money used to buy them, so what the hell is my problem?

(well, my problem is that they keep stealing MY whiteboard markers every fucking night so i have to track down new ones every morning, and this morning the supply closet was empty, raaaaaaah!)

hahahaha! i'm amusing myself. :)

it probably stems from getting to work this morning only to find that none of the three teammembers working early had come in. i had to spend my first half hour at work calling and calling and calling and not getting anybody to answer, while also being the only one to answer calls from customers, who were all stupid, hahaha. i hate people today. seriously.

...and i guess, even more than this, my mood is a bit instabile because there's been lots of news about deaths and impending deaths among family members, friends of the family, families of my friends, and, you know, the world at large.

so glad it's friday.

and i feel really pasty and pale and meh-looking, and my hair needs dye real bad, and i've had spaghetti and meatsauce for lunch and dinner almost every day since monday night because i'm broke and i have to have it for lunch again in a little while, even though i'm desperate for some chinese food, and yesterday i had to go to seven different stores to find a specific brand of candy (trailmix) and it was the only thing i wanted and it was at the seventh store, and overpriced, and blaaah.

haha, i'm bugging myself with my whiny frustrated minor petty shit today. i'm pretty sure it's actually one of very few times where my mood actually IS due to PMS. so. please ignore. i guess it'll pass in a few days. till then... grrrr. haha.

oh well. will try to chill. it is friday, after all. :)

Fri, Apr. 20th, 2007 11:54 am (UTC)

Milk may help.