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Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 08:49 pm

me: (chopping veggies for soup)
jimmy: you know, potatoes aren't what make a veggy soup good anyway, it's the swede* and seleriac.
me: mmm.
jimmy: no really, and of course the bouillon. but not, like, potatoes and carrots. they're just filler.
me: ...i like potatoes in soup.
jimmy: right. i mean, they're good, but not what brings the flavor.
me: ..dude, chill.

haha. my brother stole all but three of my potatoes that i was going to use for my soup. the three he left were really old and not-firm. oh well. i'll live. it amuses me that my brother is squirming about it, though.

this is our first evening home together since he moved here 8 days ago. it's moving along nicely. we did laundry together (i had to explain that the detergent goes into the little compartement with the two-line drawing, and the fabric softener goes into the one with the flower drawing. riveting education for sure!), shared a few eyerolls over paris hilton and now i'm cooking.

oh, and he did my dishes! :o (okay, i only had two dirty dishes, and i feel iffy about his skills so i might secretly rewash them, but still) amazing. haha.

work = bowl of suck. and yet, totally okay. i'm just finding it harder to get motivated. i'm tired of not knowing if we get to keep the project, even though it's been 8 and a half months, now. i'm tired of having too many weird tasks to do that keep me from ever feeling on top of anything but rather always like i'm a step behind. i'm even an eensy bit tired of my team. and i got some not-so-pleasant attitude from a boss today questioning my deadline keeping skills, with bothered me. but, well, whatever. i do what i can.

i don't know. it'll be fine, i'm sure.

thursday i get to go see maia hirasawa, who i quite like right now. not as much as säkert, but still, quite like her. and i got front row seats, hee.

can't recall if anything is happening friday, but blades of glory is opening in sweden so that's definitely a contender. i used to be such a figure skating freak in the early 90s so i really want to see this, hahahah.

saturday, we're going for a picknick (if the weather is nice), and will also try and visit the butterfly house. and in the evening = eurovision song contest finale, wee!

and next thursday, maria mckee. should be fun. plus, a 4-day weekend for me (since that thursday is a holiday, and i took friday off work). can't wait! (it's gonna be weird spending it not-away, though. and the first weekend in 15 weeks (haha!) i'm spending at home. crazy! time really flies, eh?? eh, i have tons to catch up on, so it should be fine. :))

alright. soup should be done. mmmm! cin cin!

* swede turnip, hehe

Tue, May. 8th, 2007 04:35 pm (UTC)

I saw Blades of Glory shortly after it opened here, and if you're into figure skating I think it should be a good laugh. Even though I'm only vaguely into it, having done collective viewings of WCs and Olympics, I got a few of the jokes they pulled from the sport itself. :)