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Mon, May. 14th, 2007, 09:21 pm

for the first time in months, i'm going to be at my apartment for longer than 2 nights in a row. (no, not exaggerating) and i'm gonna be home for practically two weeks straight, starting tonight. very cool! and strange. haha. (get this, i haven't spent a weekend at home since early february! no, seriously, not a single one! we're talking 14-15 in a row. CRAZY!)

i really can't wait. wee! i'm really tired of constantly dragging luggage around right now, whether it be stuffed in small plastic bags or proper travel bags. i want my shit to stay put for a bit, thanks. it'd be exciting for my clothes to actually make it out of the fresh laundry pile and onto hangers. very exotic stuff. and i'd like to unload my camera bag (aka my purse, haha) of all the emergency make up and ibuprofen and random jewellry bits and other crap that's taking up half the space available, too.

oh, don't get me wrong. i've had a really good time this spring. since mid-february, i've been to france (business + fun) and norway (pure fun) and a tiny town north of stockholm (pure exhausting business) on various trips.

i've seen nin twice (wee!), and i've been to see kristin hersh (always so damn cool.), thomas dybdahl (really liked it), joanna newsom (hated it) and maia hirasawa (adored! so good live, and cuuute.) in concert so far, and on thursday i get to go see maria mckee again (fourth time in 4 years - i never thought i'd say it, but i think it might be my last mckee show for a few years, regardless of how wonderful she is, because i simply don't keep up with the new albums and so seeing her perform live these days means less and less songs i truly love, and more and more songs that are good but still don't make me want to pick up a new album. i'd hate to one day go see her and feel, well, bored..). so, wee, shows!

i've seen blades of glory (eh, ok, not great, but fun for us 90's figure skating/the cutting edge nerds), spiderman 3 (venom was great, but underused!), 300 (thought i'd love it, but it actually made me fall asleep, twice!), darling (swedish movie, it was.. okay. a bit short and empty-feeling), music and lyrics (okay-cute, but barrymore and grant weren't a believable match, imo), nina frisk (swedish movie, kinda sucked a lot despite funny moments), perfume (eeeh.. not sure what i thought?), children of men (really really liked, while marp hated it, haha), hot fuzz (LOVED. word.) in the theater (possibly more, these are the ones i remember, heh).

and i think by now we've probably gone through 30 or more of my dvd's. when we're disciplined, we can make it through at least 3-5 movies in a weekend, when we're not, i think we manage just barely 1-2 dvds in the same timeframe. haha. do you know how long it's been since i last watched toys? such a strange movie, but i can't help liking it, and no, it's not because of the tori-vocals featured. and i made marp watch legend, haha! and wonderful princess & the warrior. i like my dvd-collection, even if it's growing a bit too quickly right now (230+ dvds, and growing every week, it seems)..

am liking the new tori amos album, or at least the 7 or so songs that i keep repeating on my mp3-player to and from work. haven't made time for the new nine inch nails album yet. there's time, the next show isn't until august. really liking maia hirasawa. have to admit that now that i have an mp3-player, i can't help but fill half of it up with "old" 90's crap that make me happy. we're talking first album Live, jagged-pill alanis, oyster-heather now, etc. hehe. i miss the 90s.

watched eurovision song contest (of course!). liked the serbian lesbian prayer song (it's the balkan in me, what can i say, haha, and she sang really well, i thought) a lot, but liked ukraine's crazy silver-glitter dance-song extravaganza too (love to dance and sing along, hehe!). and i really liked georgia's entry because the chick had a cool, ever so slightly björky voice when she started howling. and we like echo. haha. but the one i keep spontaneously singing is bulgaria's ear-piercing entry! HEY MITRÄLÄ! MIT-RÄLÄ!


i think a sure sign that i've had a busy 3 months behind me is that my camera folder has 11 new folders containin 1,918 photographs.

so. anyway. there. caught up. well, somewhat, anyway. now i have almost two weeks to catch up on 3 months' worth of tv. duuuuude.