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Thu, May. 31st, 2007, 11:14 am

i got a phone call the other night, that pretty much sounded like this:

me: "hi, you're speaking to jennie!"*
irate woman with heavy balkan accent: "why haven't you ever returned my calls, i have left you so many messages and called you for days now and you never answer, and i called your cellphone and left messages and you never called back.."

me (perplexed), still using phonevoice: "i'm sorry, who am i speaking with??"

woman with heavy accent: "ferida! your aunt!"

haha, oooooh! ok. do forgive me. it's only been 21 years or longer since we last saw or spoke with each other (i think i was 7 or 8 years old), i should have known a random woman calling to yell at me out of the blue was a relative. :)

after she calmed down (i explained to her how rare it is for me to be home at a decent hour at night, and that i've pretty much been gone every weekend for months, so i simply didn't know she'd been trying to reach me that extensively), we chit-chatted a bit.

it's weird getting caught up with a relative that needs to be updated on the last 20 years of your branch of the family. there was a lot of "no, my uncle actually remarried almost 20 years ago and had a few more kids" and "ah, sorry, grandma died a few years ago," but for the most part, talking went easy.

she then cornered me into agreeing to meet her for coffee sometime. we eventually decided on next thursday night. i should probably explain that she lives really closeby. i've known that she's around, but since we haven't been in touch, i never felt the need to say hello before.

so. there ya go. suddenly i have an aunt and 2-3 more cousins in this town (beyond the other two cousins+family that live here and that i don't keep in touch with).

i have no idea what we'll have to talk about next week, but whatever. she sounded pretty fun - heavy bosnian accent and the telltale slavic real loud-speaking style promises it won't be an hour of awkward silence, at least.

* yes, i answer my homephone like that, and always in a neutral, pleasant callcenter voice. my caller i.d. isn't working (the display on my phone seems whack) and so whenever i can't tell who is calling, i go hyper-professional. it always confused telemarketers, hehe.

Thu, May. 31st, 2007 01:30 pm (UTC)

Is this an aunt like a distant cousin who carries the title honorifically, or is this an aunt like your dad's sister?

Thu, May. 31st, 2007 01:34 pm (UTC)

this is my dad's half-sister. my dad has something like 5 half-siblings, and he has problematic (or non-existant) relationships with all of them. my dad likes to invent feuds, and so for that reason alone, i've never really met many relatives, even though some moved to my hometown during the balkan war.