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Mon, Jun. 11th, 2007, 11:17 pm
yey, air!

...i bought a huge fan. i had to carry it home in a big box and then assemble it, which turned out to be quite trying as the manual was in italian only, but ignoring the one stray tiny screw that i can't figure out where to place, i got it all assembled.

it's now standing across the room, oscillating and making life in my apartment possible again. i'm still going to sleep on the livingroom couch with the door to the balcony wide open, but i do appreciate being able to keep my computer switched on for a few hours.

yey, fan!

also, yey, the kid i hired last week actually showed up for work today like agreed. i was so worried he'd back out. and he started off real well. now i just have to find 3-4 more temps for july, and all will be reasonably well. i'll even be able to take 3 weeks off! i hope, at least.

my company scored two new contracts, so we won't have to fire people after all. thrilled!

not sure yet where this puts me (my boss actually said it mostly depended on which project i'd want to join, so.. that sounds promising). at least i know i'll have stuff to do. also, i'm getting a new contract at work, officially hiring me as a 50 % teamleader, 50 % trainer, so i should have enough new things to dig in to, to say the least.

the trainer part means i'll get to develop and implement new training sessions for work, and carrying the trainings out. like, i'll give introductory training to newbie callcenter people who need to learn about how to give good customer service, and i'll also get to train fellow teamleaders in how to try and keep a project running, how to motivate a team, and other stuff. it's a bit daunting, but definitely an interesting challenge (and i get to keep my salary, or pos. even get a tiny raise, so i'm pleased).

my week is looking quite full - thursday night, i have to attend a work dinner thingy. i'm not looking forward to it, because i can't for the life of me figure out what i'm to chit-chat about with my middle-management bosses that isn't work related, but, well, whatever. must try and be an adult, etc.

this whole adult thing can be quite taxing. i bought a pair of cropped black leggings to pretend i can be summer-y, but then i couldn't bring myself to wear them for work today.

see, i realized my tattoos would show, and suddenly i got all school-marmy and wasn't sure that's the look i want to introduce to work. which is ridiculous, heh, and the tattoos are pretty small, but whatever. so i chickened out. might try and wear them tomorrow. hrm. we'll see.

then, later thursday night, my mom and aunt will arrive. there's a family wedding happening on saturday (the first one i've gotten to attend, yey!) and so loads of family is coming to town, so mom and my aunt will stay with me until sunday night.

i was informed that on saturday, before the wedding, a whole bunch of family members will drop by and have lunch. mom even said she's gonna buy some fold-out chairs since i'm very low on chairs. okee... and then on sunday, my cousin is coming by to stay almost a week. apparently my brother invited him to do so. of course, my brother doesn't actually come back into town until monday evening, so.. i'm looking at almost 5 days of entertaining guests alone. frr..

oh well. it'll be fine. it just means i have to finally tidy my room the fuck up, haha. now that i have a yummie, oscillating fan, that might actually happen. hehe. :)

Tue, Jun. 12th, 2007 12:21 pm (UTC)

I'm so proud of you, career woman. :D

Big company! That's exciting.