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Thu, Jun. 14th, 2007, 07:19 pm
vicarious living

marp has been calling intermittently from the hultsfred rockfestival. it's been quite amusing. so far, i've mostly heard bits of maia hirasawa (she sounded as lovely as when we saw her last month) and a tiny bit of velvet revolver getting on stage just now. eh, it made being at work easier to deal with. :)

i'm currently sneakily lobbying for me/us attending way out west - a two day festival in gothenburg. i'm loving their lineup and it's on a weekend in august so.. maaaaybe? i'd LOVE to see erykah badu, juliette & the licks, kanye west, lady sovereign, laleh, lily allen, moneybrother, regina spektor, säkert! and the ark, and a bunch of the others. eh, well see if my lobbying will pay off.

my mom and aunt will arrive in about 3 hours. need to finish cleaning up the apartment. eeeeh!

p.s. my rose tree isn't doing too well, for no explainable reason at all. boo. it just sort of poof, nearly died. very sad. hopefully my family can figure out how to save it, they're more garden savvy than i am.