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Sat, Jun. 16th, 2007, 11:10 am

my apartment currently contains: 5 adults, 2 children.

it's complete mayhem, simply because the youngest kid is a super-loud kid. he does the "mom. mom. moom. moooom. Moom! MOOM! MOOOM!! MOOOOOM!!!" thing every 15 minutes, combined with always shouting every sentence he says. when he's not vocally loud, he will decide that playing should include banging loudly on the wall for a few minutes, or whatever else is most insanity-inducing.

he's a cute kid, but i can't stand it. in an hour and a half, i've retreated to my room and mostly find myself sending off bewildered looks in whatever direction All That Noise is coming from.

now i hear banging. i think my aunt is putting something up on the wall? mom just asked where they could put up a couple of minor pictures (that i okayed because they're small and can go in the hallway) but i just heard hammering from the livingroom.*

argh. frustrated.

ok. the kid is now outright having a tantrum.fabulous.

it's 11 a.m. ... over the next 12 hours, i need to cook them lunch, travel by car with them for an hour, visit other relatives with more kids, then attend a wedding, theeeen they're threatening to all come back here and spend the night.

i... already have a headache. hrm.

i'm really stressed out by this. i really don't mind them visiting, and am very grateful for the help on doing stuff around the apartment, but i can't quite deal with All These People Everywhere and not having a clue what they're doing to the place, and the noiselevel is crazy. doors are blowing shut, the doorbell is being played with. and.. i forgot that my entire family are Very Loud Speakers.

and now, more hammering. sigh.

so, there. oh well. the weather is beautiful, at least.

* my aunt was apparently nailing cable cords to the wall so they wouldn't hang loose. she started yelling when i came to ask what she was doing because i was being "overprotective." i flipped out. yes, she's doing nice things, but i still have a right to question wtf she's doing to MY apartment. chill the fuck out. deal with it or STOP DOING SHIT TO MY APARTMENT. argh.

is it nice to get help with getting stuff done? absolutely? however, i didn't ask for it, and would slowly get around to it on my own. if they want to do stuff, fine, but again - it's my fucking turf. step offffff.

Sat, Jun. 16th, 2007 12:32 pm (UTC)

How old is the kid?

And just remember to breathe. And assertively and pleasantly stand up for your rights. {{you}}