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Sun, Jun. 17th, 2007, 05:47 pm

so, we finally managed to go to the wedding yesterday, despite all the.. chaos. haha. (thank you for your kind comments - i did my best to just breathe, and things eased up as soon as we left the apartment.)

we had a very nice, uneventful drive. we even remarked on how we must have the nicest smelling car on the road since it contained 7 freshly showered and vaguely perfumed adults and kids, combined.

well, it all went well.. until the gps thingy announced that we should turn right and voila, find our cousin's house. we turned right and ...drove right into a huge hole in the ground. haha! it wasn't the right adress at all, so we managed to drive into the hole made for putting in a house foundation.

we were REALLY stuck, hehe, the wheels were holding on to the ground like fangs to a neck. it was funny, in all it's bad luck glory. this was less than an hour until the wedding was to take place...

..and while we were all milling about in our pretty clothes and looking bewildered, the OWNER of the lot showed up. considering her lot is still just basically a hole in the ground, the timing was really.. typical. she obviously wondered what we were doing on her lot. hrm. haha. so we had to walk several blocks to find out cousins house, while some nice strangers helped un-hook the car. great start.

after that, most things went well (except for a partygame that set off the fire alarm, ahahaha). it was a nice wedding, albeit not exactly full of energy. it was just an odd mix of people, and we quickly noticed that outside of my contingent of the family, there just wasn't much mingling happening, nor noise.

granted, my side of the family is quite over-the-top with loud chattering and everybody loves to make a scene (you should have seen us when songs from Grease came on - you'd think it was a local amateur production in the house), but really.. the rest of the wedding party was incredibly quiet and, well, dull. i mean, even the young people in their early 20s. weird. my family worked real hard to keep conversations going and trying to make sure the tables weren't filled with awkwardly smiling, silent people.

oh well. we're attention whores. while we were a bit bored, it felt like the bride and groom enjoyed the party, and they were really cute together (the groom choked up during the vows and couldn't say them out loud, hehe) so.. that's all that matters.

by the end of the night, the 10 of my immediate family were the only people consistently using the dance floor. since we haven't had a good family gathering in years, we had a fabulous time entertaining each other. my favourite moment was probably when everybody went nuts singing (and dancing broadway style) to frank sinatra's "new york, new york." or acting out and singing along to three Grease songs in a row. we even forced my mom to dance, hehe.

we're a fun bunch. and there you go.

hole in the ground!







today it's been raining all day, so i took mom and my aunt to a local mall, and then ikea. i'm ridiculously broke (gee, that never happens, haha. $40 to cover the next 8 days) so they kept buying me stuff. i didn't protest. hehe. i've scored a new bag (after five and a half years, i'm trading in the torn camera bag. gasp!), yet another carpet thingy for the balcony, and two outdoor chairs, also for the balcony. i am pleeeeeased. :D

in 15 minutes, my cousin tobbe will show up. my brother invited him to stay until thursday. except.. my brother doesn't come into town tomorrow. huh. so it's up to me to entertain. mom and my aunt leave within the hour.

it's been an exhausting weekend, but i've had a lot of fun, and i've enjoyed seeing my family, especially mom. and i love that my apartment looks really nice. yeyyy.

ok. phew!

Sun, Jun. 17th, 2007 07:25 pm (UTC)

wow, what a gorgeous couple!

i'm glad you had fun in the end, despite some of your earlier rants. :)