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Mon, Jul. 9th, 2007, 05:10 am

happy birthday originalg! i hope you have a lovely day. i also hope that moonriddengirl gets to have a wonderful birthday in a few days as well. i love you both very much. :)

just popping by online to say i'll be offline for a few weeks. yeah, i know, i'm not terribly online right now either, but i will be very offline for almost 3 weeks so i figured i'd let you know so ya'll don't worry. haha.

i'm FINALLY off work for three weeks! i really didn't think i'd even get to this day, i had so much crap to do last week to make this time off work happen. i pulled three 12-hour work days in a row last week and i'm still thinking of new stuff i've forgotten to do like every hour.

but, well, nah. i did my best. whatever i missed can wait a week. in a couple of hours, i fly home to ronneby to spend a week completely offline. i'll be hanging out with my parents, cuddling with my beloved sammy-cat, and celebrating our annual "crazy farmers' days" event next weekend.

i go back to stockholm monday, and on tuesday morning i will pop by work to train a new summer temp and take care of stuff i forgot to set up instructions for (and can't be arsed to e-mail work about right now) before leaving for the airport again to fly up and spend 9 days with marp and his family up north.

have a good july, ya'll. :)

p.s. happy birthday, lowredmoon!

p.s.2 - i saw the who friday night! daltry had a cold and so couldn't do a lot of the screams that usually go with their songs, but when they did the "won't get fooled again" song (aka csi miami theme song ;)), he suddenly went very quiet as the music played on and then WHAMMA, let this amazing daltry scream rip. it was awesome. "baba o'riley" was really great, too. and they did a 6-song medley thing from their album last year, and it was all surprisingly good, so i think i need to pick that up. go figure. :)

the audience at the show was kind of scary, though. i saw men in their 50s, like, HIGH FIVING each other in the stands and "rocking out." ...but it was all good. :) (i didn't get to bring my camera in, though. that's a first. i've never had it claimed before. oh well. 's alright. as long as i've gotten trent reznor pictures, i'm pleased with life.)

Mon, Jul. 9th, 2007 11:49 am (UTC)

Thank you. And I will pass your wishes on to him. 10. Incredible, no?

Hope you enjoy your vacation and glad Roger screamed for you. :)

Mon, Jul. 9th, 2007 11:57 am (UTC)

He says, "Thanks!"