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Tue, Jul. 17th, 2007, 12:18 am
hello (and bye again!)

i came back to stockholm earlier this evening. wow, the week has gone by so quickly.

ronneby (my tiny hometown) was exactly as it always is. gorgeous (seriously, it's such a pretty little town), tiny, and full of annoying ronneby-people. haha. love the place, can't stand the people. c'est la vie.

it was good spending some time with my parents. it was great getting to snuggle with my cat. my sammy-cat is almost 13 now, although i've only really been present for maybe 6-6,5 of those years. oh well. he's still myyyy cat. :D most of the week was spent driving my car (apparently, i still kind of know how to drive), hanging out with family, being lazy on the couch, and watching DAYTIME TV!

i've definitely watched enough oprah, rachel ray, simpsons and martha stewart to make up for not having been able to watch daytime tv in like a year. haha.

over the weekend, we celebrated the annual crazy farmers' days, a three-day bonanza with thousands of people slowly walking all over ronneby to buy cheap crap. i ran into way more people from my past than i'd expected - some of them were great to see, some of them i did my best to duck and hide from (most of the time, i wasn't very successful).

eh, it was a good week. they only called about 14 times from work, haha. (apparently my project has gotten a sudden mini-extension - it was supposed to end early august, now the client suddenly wants us to go on for all of august and september, at least. i'd be happy, but... no. my heart has moved on. i was really looking forward to getting a new project. getting a mini-extension when a bunch of my teammates have already moved on means i will spend two months in stress-hell trying to staff my project and getting newbies going. BOO.)

tomorrow i go into work to train a summer temp and, probably, having to deal with a million of questions that have amassed over the past week while i was gone. eh, it'll be fine. i have to leave at like 2.30 p.m. anyway to catch a flight up north to visit marp at his family's place.

i haven't packed yet and it's almost midnight, but i'll mostly just re-pack what i brought back from ronneby, so that'll be fine. i do have to finish putting weird strings in plastic tubes into my plants so that they'll hopefully not die of thirst while i'm gone 9 days (my brother is still in ronneby). i was going to dye my hair but obviously there isn't time so.. meh.

haha. normally i'd be nervous about going off to spend a week and a half in a strange house with people i don't know, but there simply hasn't been time to get nervous about anything, and with work tomorrow, i won't have time for it then either. hopefully it'll all go well. eh, there's no reason it shouldn't. even though nine days in a strange house is kind of.. intimidating.

hrm. oh well. i've been promised loads of boardgame playing, and going to a zoo to see white lions. i'll be fine. i probably should go pack, though... haha. ciao!

vacation 1

NOT ronneby - this is from the neighbour town, karlskrona (translates to charle's crown).

mom: "what a nice statue. that's of some swedish king, right?"
dad: "yeah, the king that built this town and in the process BURNT DOWN RONNEBY."
mom: "what? really?"
me: "yeah. since nobody wanted to move into his new town, he burned down our town to force them to move here. "

there's some history for ya, haha, albeit extremely simplified. so, boo to this king dude! ..he did build a nice town, though. not that i'd ever want to moooove there, but still. hehe.

vacation 1

mom and my car (in the distance). :)

vacation 1

hehe, poor flower has managed to attract every bug there is, it seems.

vacation 1

i took mom to the cemetary so we could put fresh flowers on grandma and grandpa's spot. i really love coming to this cemetary - i've been coming along with various family members since i was a child to clean up and prettify the various family grave sites. it's such a gorgeous and calm place.

vacation 1

and, amazingly, almost all graves have fresh flowers at all times, despite it "just" being summer and not a major holiday. that's pretty cool.

vacation 1

sammy-cat! look at him all rusty brown! haha. even my cat gets a tan - it's now official, i am the only person in my family that can't quite tan.

vacation 1

hee hee. he gets so many crazy whiskers during summer. :D

vacation 1

dad and mom.

vacation 1

dad snaps a picture of me, haha.

vacation 1

...i didn't like lunch at this place we went to, but apparently it was yummie to the fly. yes, my week offline was so slow and uneventful, i even snapped pictures of a fly eating my lunch. hehe.

vacation 1

....and then back to stockholm i went.

ok. ciao!

Tue, Jul. 17th, 2007 02:04 pm (UTC)

Yay! Somabish sighting! Pretty pictures! Will miss you. Have fun!