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Sat, Jul. 28th, 2007, 02:45 pm

my cat is sick. mom has a vet appointment for monday, but he's been sick since tuesday, at least. we're not sure what the problem is.

apparently he's hardly eating, though he will drink water. he hasn't pooped for about a day or so, but considering that he's not eating much, i'm not surprised. (he hasn't completely stopped eating, but will only eat very little, and not regular wet cat food, nor fish. apparently all he's wanted to eat today is a tiny bit of whipped cream, and a raw egg yolk. i told mom to give him another egg yolk so he at least gets some protein? i figure as long as we get him to eat some stuff, and he continues to drink a bit of water, he'll hangon okay until monday.)

she talked to the vet thursday and got the appointment, and since the vet thought it was okay to wait until monday to bring sammy in, i'm assuming it's not an emergency situation, even though he's obviously not feeling well.

can anybody point me to some good websites with info about sick cats and symptoms? i've been spoilt with having had a really healthy cat for 13 years, so apart from the time he was hit by a car, and when he was neutered, i haven't needed to investigate this stuff much and know very little. :/


Sat, Jul. 28th, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)

thank you for the wellwish - i hope he'll be fine, too. he seemed small to me when i was home, but his coat was fine, and he didn't seem to have less energy than it being summer, and him being 13, would account for.

sick cats. ugh. so scary. i hope your friend's cat pulls through. i feel real stressed being so far away. :/