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Sat, Jul. 28th, 2007, 07:21 pm

i haven't read any of the harry potter books (though i've seen and enjoyed all the movies, although haven't gotten around to the last one yet. i even attended a midnight premiere screening of the second movie, it was tremendous fun), but i still don't want to be spoilered because i figure i might one day want to read them.

hence, i was mighty pissed off when one of the major swedish newspapers blew a major HP-spoiler in a HEADLINE linked off the mainpage today. so, i sent off an e-mail to the reporter asking him to convey to whoever worded the headline and then chose it as a mainpage teaser that they were a major asshole, considering i've managed to stay unspoiled for days online despite heavy internet use, up until this stupid error in judgment on their part.

i'm assuming (heh) that i wasn't the only one. i just went back to check and they changed the teaser to something more vague.

still. clueless assholes. oh well. hopefully they changed it pretty quickly..