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Sun, Jul. 29th, 2007, 12:12 am
oh dear lord

the marp and i have discovered our damn webcams actually work (he's still up north). this is hilarious! and seriously horrifying. there's a slight delay on the audio i send, so i hear everything i say and my voice and accent is truly atrocious! i've asked him repeatedly how the fuck he actually bears to speak to me, like, ever. i'd never speak to a hick like me, haha.

also, considering we normally can chat for _hours_ on end on the phone, we suddenly have nothing to say. we just sit here and grin goofily at each other on camera, silently, and occasionally emit a giggle. we're pathetic.

...hee. :D

meh. time to stop with the silly and go to bed. considering i've been up since 4 am and it is now past midnight, i really should get some sleep soon..