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Tue, Aug. 7th, 2007, 04:06 pm
ups and downs and ups again

well. let's see. i took a break from posting because i've been very, very stressed and out of time. but, well, today is absolutely lovely, and promises to get even better (going to see nine inch nails live in a handful of hours, wee! not bringing camera, not lining up, just going to enjooooy the show).



- my lovely cat who died last monday. :/

- my workload last week went insane because last monday i learned that the project i run that was due to end mid-august was to suddenly run at least to the end of september. considering i had already downsized my staff in preparation, this was NOT really good news.

tuesday i managed to get four new people recruited to join my project to fill the vacant slots.

wednesday i spent training these four new people at breakneck speed while also trying to compile loads and loads of data from july to go to billings - i'd also promised to cover 4 other projects billingswork, which turned out to be an insane amount of work. yikes. so, 13 hr workday.

thursday we get news saying they suddenly have decided to pull the plug afterall on my project on september 11. so, i've just recruited and trained new people in recordtime just to have to cancel them again.

luckily we need them for a few more weeks, at least, so.. it wasn't entirely for naught, just stupid and ill-planned on our client's part. loads of work. did another 13-hr workday.

friday i was still struggling with the billings stuff and so pulled a third 13-hour workday just to finish it, as to avoid having to still do the shit yesterday morning.

- dad went really ill saturday night. after a stressful phone-conversation where he refused to call an ambulance because he wanted to wait until things got worse (he has a pretty bad heartcondition and terrible hypertension), i was pretty upset. it got worse when i tried calling back through the night and didn't get an answer.

sunday morning, he finally answered and said he just hadn't been able to get to the phone before the answering machine got the call, and couldn't recall my number to call back, but that he was feeling better.

yesterday, i couldn't reach him at all - i left a bunch of messages and eventually had to call mom to figure out what to do. we agreed that we'd wait until morning when she could go downtown and see his usual café crowd and see if they knew anything.

this morning mom had found one of his friends who told her dad was in hospital since yesterday morning, but that it was stabile. i called the hospital just as they were dismissing him, and have since talked to him. he's "okay" now.

let's just say from now on, i'm creating a damn routine so that i know who to call, and people know to call me, should this stuff happen again (and it probably will happen again).

scary stuff. :/

- another down - had to fire a kid. buh. and will have to fire another soon (though not on my team).


- the weather is lovely!

- i love the new season of so you think you can dance, which i held a private marathon of all weekend to get caught up. i was so zonked out from insane work stress, and dad stress, and cat stress. watching wall-to-wall nice, mindless tv was great.

- marp came back to stockholm yesterday - yeyyyy! we had a lovely evening shopping and cooking (we keep making pad thai, haha - so yummie!) and, eh, getting reacquainted, haha.

- this morning, i got to sleep iiiiiin. my team and boss were all "duh, take the morning off!" so i did. we lounged around marp's place all morning until, like, 11 am, haha. now THAT'S a lazy morning. and now:

- nine inch nails! TRENT! WEE! :D

ok. cin cin!

Tue, Aug. 7th, 2007 05:03 pm (UTC)

i'm glad there has been some good in there amongst the bad. i hope your dad is okay and continues to be communicative with you!