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Fri, Aug. 10th, 2007, 08:49 pm
lazy lazy lazy

nine inch nails were GREAT tuesday night. it was a very strange concert experience for me, though.

i always line up early, but this time, marp and i both had to work so it wasn't an option. hence, i didn't bring my camera because it was general admission and i don't see the point in blurry pictures across a sea of people showing a tiny ant-trent.

while lazying about waiting for marp to show up, a woman approached me and asked if "i take pictures? photo's from shows?" ...haha. it turned out she's been a killtoknow.org fan since i posted depeche mode photo's last year, and recognized me off the website.

so, we hung around talking, and when marp and later her friend showed up, we went to the show way after the opening act had started. i've never been this leisurely about a show! anyway.

marp and i didn't go down to the gen. admission area until 5 minutes before nin came on and... dude, we made it to the fence (though the fence was t-shaped, and so we were at the end of the T, like where i just put the comma-sign, and the stage area was along the top of the t.) ..i so should have brought the camera.oh well.

the show was really, really good - the stage show was completely different and way more advanced than the previous nin-shows, and every song was so sharp and focused and great. the setlist focused a lot on year zero, but also songs like burn, the great destroyer, dead souls... it was a good show, though the setlist wasn't quite as explosive as i personally prefer, but eh, trent is ALWAYS hot, haha.

the coolest part was when they put up like a huge fence across the stage with the band behind the fence, and then they suddenly could use it as a massive lcd tv-screen, with the band just slightly showing through the static tv-noise patterns, or just blaring cool colours. it was really spectacular.

trent seemed happy, and for the first time (this is my 4th nin show since 2000) chatted a bit about enjoying stockholm, and joking about how year zero's sold nada in sweden but that he's stopped caring, "just steal it, give it to your friends, i don't care anymore" hahaha... that definitely has guilted me into having to buy it next week. :)

the only thing that sucked was the audience. apart from the first few feet of people jumping and screaming and singing and dancing, the audience was quite dead. BOO. total mood killer at times. by the time they played "head like a hole," i just kind of felt a bit numb.

but then... after the show seemed over... they brought out the huge fence/tv screen and trent performed "hurt" with the whole arena dark except for these huge computer pixels "raining" down on the screen behind him. i know i am a cheeseball, but it even had me pulling out my earplugs to experience the full effect (and i NEVER do that!), including the audience singing along, and it was outstanding. i haven't had chills and shaky hands like that in a concert in a while.

so, the show was great. i was drenched in sweat from dancing and the humid air, and i could have done without getting the drummer's drum stick thrown HARD into the side of my head (he threw it into the audience and it landed on my head, haha, and unfortunately i was so stunned i didn't even think to grab it before somebody else got a hold of it).

wednesday was another insanely cozy morning with marp. i got into work around noon. haha. for somebody who always shows up at work at 7.45 am, having two crazy super-lazy mornings in a row = nuts. very grateful. :)

yesterday was pretty slow at work, despite there being loads to get done and.. today? i had today off. i have 2 weeks paid vacation (and 130 paid hours to use up) left but no real opportunity to use them because there is so much to do, so i will take a few fridays off to at least give myself some looooong weekends before hell breaks loose in a couple of weeks when my boss goes to have her baby, my old project dies down, and i take on a new project.

poor marp, hahaha. i had to kick him out of bed to go to work today while i got to stay behind and reeeeead and nap on the couch and watch tv. and! i have monday off as well. can't wait. this has been such a nice week. considering how sucky last week was, it feels great. (and dad feels a whole lot better too, yey!)

alright. i'm off to do the dishes. i figure i need to do SOMEthing useful while marp is still at work, haha, especially since i pretty much get to spend my time here feeling like i'm at a cozy resort. (he has a gas stove, which i cannot light due to one of my phobias, so i can't even be useful and fix food for him when he's off, so doing the dishes is about as nice as i can be, haha) ...anyway. cin cin!