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Thu, Aug. 16th, 2007, 08:21 pm

benefit of popping home for a few hours after spending the past 10 days at marp's apartment: discovering i have things in my fridge that match what we'd planned to cook for dinner. i just raided my own fridge for stuff to bring over. it feels like i just scored a bag of free groceries, haha, even though i know i paid for the stuff once upon a time.

i have tomorrow off, again. it'll be my last day off for quite a while as all hell is to break loose on monday when a new project rolls by while i still have to monitor my two regular projects.

the new project has two other teamleaders but none of them have experience teamleading this type of project so i'm the only one who: 1 ) knows how to properly use all workrelated systems and what access we all need, 2) knows what type of rules we need to enforce from day 1 to make sure the team gets off to a proper, good start*.

this means i'll be the only one with kind of a clue, in a team of 28 ppl. hooray! hehehe.

oh well. tomorrow off. tomorrow off. weee! off for marp's place now. also wee. cin cin ! :D

* i don't mean that to sound cocky. i say that knowing i'm the only one who has learned all the shit the hard way over the past year and a half and am therefore keen to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again, and it's pretty much why the boss has put me in charge of the new project, again.

p.s. (thank you for the sweet comments to my last, dorky entry. hehe. :))