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Sat, Aug. 25th, 2007, 03:30 pm
when all else fails..

hahaha. things at work are beyond nuts. i'm so overextended i didn't even notice a teammember had been AWOL for two days until, well, i suddenly noticed.

i'm currently trying to:

  • helm my own 10-people team (which includes people with sudden onset staph infected legs, double-sided pneumonias, the flu, and the awol guy who seems to have started a new job without honoring his contract with us, to name a few things. this is all within this one week, btw.)

  • stay on top as project manager (i.e. keep track of finances and trying to have meetings with the client) of the old project while not being too obvious about the fact that i'm:
  • attending a dense 2-week training at the new client's own office to learn everything about mobile phones in order to co-teamlead my next project

  • ..which means i am already co-teamleading a team of 27 new people with loads of upstart problems (horrible scheduling conflicts, and sour people in general with weird gripes). did i mention this team is back at the regular office, while i am off being in training? this means after training with the client for 5-6 hours all day, i rush across the city to try and squeeze in 2-4 more hours at the end of the day to take care of emergency stuff at the office..

  • whip the new team into shape while simultaneously doing the same with my new co-teamleader(s, though one is only temporary) who have never been teamleaders for this type of project before, and certainly not with my company, so they don't know any of the routines, nor really the informal policies. this means i have to try and be on top of everything because i can't expect the others to have a clue what to do, when, and how.

  • track another mini-team (two people, where a third was to join but dropped out this past week with no warning) that has yet to get a real teamleader

  • find time to be an administrative trainer, i.e. develop new routines for the entire office to use wrt how we train and monitor agents, or developing and making public info on everything useful a new teamleader should know and do in their daily work

did i mention the scheduling for all the teams is delayed, and that i have to try and make sure things are straightened out wrt what, 45 people on three different teams?

not to mention we're understaffed regarding teamleaders and coaches, so this weekend i took it upon myself to go into work because it's the first weekend the new project is on our premises and they have no coach or TL to help them?

...and good thing i did, too. the project was to start at 8 am. at 8 am, me and the girl supposed to man the phones were still outside the building. management had forgotten to inform our security that we'd need extended opening hours starting this weekend due to the new project. i eventually got things started out, but it sure took 45 minutes or so to get anywhere with.

i'm definitely forcing myself to work tomorrow morning as well on my "day off" because i don't trust that it'll work more smoothly then.

the good news is, i got a lot of stuff done today (i was only gonna stay 1 hr this morning but ended up staying 5+ hrs...). i responded to a lot of urgent e-mails that have popped in while i've been training outside the office. i also went over a LOT of stuff with the new team-people so they can start helping out themselves until we have proper coaches and TL's available at all hours.

i also created routines for important stuff (like where we should note if people are home ill, or have a day off - currently, the other two TL's who have been doing this for almost 2 months have NO SYSTEM! :o d'oh!!!) and e-mailed instructions and what not. considering i have only been with the project officially since monday, i am proud to say i am making things happen that should finally get us back on track, despite my co-TL's being so inexperienced and, well, not quite organized..

now if only MARP could stop working today, we could go have a proper lazy saturday evening, at least.

on one hand, it's great to have a fellow workaholic as a boyfriend because it means less guilt when our overdeveloped sense of duty causes us to go back into work even when it's a bit excessive, because we both get it and support each other even though it sucks to both be so stressed sometimes. on the other hand, we periodically suck at taking proper time off to do anything overly social.

it's a good thing we're both so ridiculously content with spending the majority of the little time we have off sleeping way too much, or taking forever to make and eat a meal, and to co-surf online (sharing the laptop and reading blogs out loud to each other, haha, so nerdy!).

i just wish we got to have more energy and time left over to watch dvd's (we buy zillions of dvd's, we just never have time to watch them anymore. i bought 12 dvds just this week, heh.) or walk around outside (beyond to and fro the car or the subway), or to go to the movies like we used to. it's funny to me that for the first half of the year, we went to the movies once a week. late may, i received 6 free movie-passes from my client as a gift. since may, we haven't managed to go see a single movie, so i still have the damn movie-passes. d'oh!!

oh well. while i am stressed to bits and really dislike feeling so far behind at work (even though i know i'm actually MORE on top of things than i should be expected to be considering my ridiculous workstatus). but... it's really exciting to join this new project. i look forward to bringing my experience onboard to make sure things work more smoothly. in a few weeks, my co-teamleader should be up to speed and can help share the load with me, and i'll be able to stop overdoing things. also, marp's major project should theoretically quiet down a bit in a few weeks when they meet a tough deadline (unless i've misunderstood, haha).

so. things will slow down. i turn 30 in just a few weeks. i bought an awesome purple faux-croc skin wallet yesterday, and a great black hooodie (which i will sow a NIN logo onto tonight to make it even niftier), and last week i bought a wonderful dark grey knit shirt that actually makes me feel kind of pretty while comfortable.

anyway. there ya go. off to rest a bit now. have to finish up with my lbw-contribution later.

cin cin! :)