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Sat, Sep. 1st, 2007, 07:31 am
tired, but goose goose goose!

work has completely taken over my life. today is the 12th day i'm at work in a row (i was home ill monday, but everybody called me all day long anyway so it feels like day 13 in a row).

and most days have lasted 2-3 hours longer than my scheduled hours.


but i have tomorrow off! i'm so excited. of course, the next two weeks will continue to be insane, but i don't care. i have a whole day off, finally. obviously, it will be spent sleeping..

i'm tired of falling asleep on marp's couch every night (he has to try and wake me up and persuade me to go to bed properly 5-10 times, and i still don't sometimes manage to make the transition), and i'm tired of having approximately 50 people (40+ people are people on my three (!) teams, the rest admin people and reps with our clients) asking me to do stuff for hours and hours and hours on end.

but whatever. we're getting loads done, and i FINALLY have a couple of fellow teamleaders to help out, AND 3 project managers to properly help us out and do a lot of the hardcore behind the scenes stuff for us.

oh well. i'm pretty happy anyway. just tired. but not too tired to finish alphabetising marp's cd-collection later this weekend, hahaha. yey, nerdy projects rock.

you know what else rocks? belgian band goose! four adorable belgian guys with three keyboards, guitars, and drums that love techno.

marp saw them at hultsfred earlier this summer and has been playing them loads since, and yesterday morning i stumbled over a newspaper advert announcing a free goose-show that same night, so we totally went.

it was outdoors and pretty cold, and the audience took forever to even remotely fill up, BUT.. once goose started, everyone (me included) went NUTS! i have never seen so many not-very-drunk men dancing at a concert! it was great. (after the show, a guy grabbed his girlfriend and intensely shouted. "this is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE!!" ... er, ok, dude.. haha.)

seeing three guys stand next to each other, all playing keyboards, while a fourth guy happily drums his ass off behind them = AWESOME! the noise! the rhythms! the bright lights! loved it! :D :D

you should totally do a search on youtube for Goose and check them out. they're even better live than on record. the best part was when the singer, halfway through the show, went down into the audience and STAYED there for, like, 4-5 minutes, just dancing with us and singing.

here are are few links to good live-videos with goose on youtube from various festivals this summer:

black gloves, pinkpop festival

everybody, pinkpop festival

something at roch werchter

anyway. it was soooo much fun. and free! i even removed my earplugs for a few songs, and i never do that. it was worth it for all that lovely electronic nooooise. :D

okay. i will now keep working. sigh. 3 more hours until i can leave and have a good saturday. (we're going to ikea, muahauha)