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Mon, Sep. 10th, 2007, 10:28 pm
getting shit done

phew! i finally had both saturday and sunday off work - it was SO COOL!

not that i was able to sleep much anyway, but it was so lovely to linger in bed on saturday morning and feel smug about it only being 9 am and knowing there were hours and hours and hoooours left of the weekend to simply do NOTHING but veg.

of course, i would have preferred if we'd actually managed to assemble the ikea stuff we bought last saturday, but whatever. i think marp at least opened one of the cardboard boxes sometime during the weekend, which is at least an attempt of sorts to get somewhere.. haha.

we did manage to putter about ever so slightly and a tiny dent was made in the huge fall project known as marp's apartment. very exciting. the goal is to have the majority of his packrat stuff arranged so that there are actual empty surfaces around rather than the labyrinth we currently manneuver through to reach the different rooms. for the first time, the goal actually seems within reachable sight. :)

i was also slightly productive as i updated killtoknow.org (specifically the 'other images' section). gabi called friday and had a bizarre job-lead that she wanted to recommend me for, and so i had to try and get some stuff up quickly for her to have something to pass on to the person in question. i couldn't exactly show a website that still touts navigation from 2004-2005... so i updated the buttons and put up some newly edited photo's of various portraits and other stuff.

tonight, i'm back in my own apartment. i just took charge of my brother's lazy ass and wrote a job application cover letter for him, demanded he find 10 jobs to apply for, and then i physically e-mailed the applications on his behalf because he can't even bring himself to do that. considering he's lived here since april and he hasn't applied for a single job, he's lost any right he ever had to be in charge of himself. pffft.

if he doesn't get some positive results by wednesday, i'll force him to find 10 more jobs to apply for. etc. he needs to get out of this friggin apartment and start earning some money. (if it doesn't work, i'll frickin' shut him out of using our 100 mb/s fiber internet connection, hehehe)

okay. should try and sleep now. i had horrible nightmares saturday night which put me in a very peculiar mood yesterday (poor marp. i've told him i get weird in september, but this is the first time he's experiencing it full blown and every day so i guess it can be a bit jarring. but he took my mood in stride. cooool.), and now i have a cold so i definitely need the rest. on saturday, i turn 30. cool! :)

um. anyway. cin cin! (thank you for your supportive comments to my last entry - i very much appreciated it, and yes, am trying to slow down and take better care of myself this week..)