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Sun, Sep. 16th, 2007, 07:27 pm
thank you!

my birthday was filled with your lovely lj-greetings and comments, facebook gifts and messages, and loads of text messages to my mobile phone. (i'm especially impressed by all you lovely norwegians - it's kind of nuts that i get birthday greetings from such a large group of fabulous norwegians. if i discount my family, i got more norwegian greetings than swedish, hehe)

so, thank you!

i also got phone calls from my family, and two voicemails of family members singing. wee!

it's been a really nice weekend, and a lot of that i owe to marp.

yesterday he took me to the butterfly house. it was great spending a few hours in a tropical climate with the pretty things fluttering by. and after a few hours of taking it veeeery easy at marp's place, he took me to a great italian restaurant and let me order whateeeever i wanted. i even ordered a cheese tray, haha.

in fact, we had such a full day, we missed the whole part where i was supposed to open presents, haha. so, i got them today instead.

yo. marp bought me a sewing machine!!!

he also got me an awesome plant we've been admiring at a store for a month or so, and kossart headphones, and the first season of nip/tuck, and tori's beekeeper (it was on supersale and i figure i should own it eventually for completions' sake). not to mention doing crafty things with the greeting cards and envelopes.

we just got back from an impromptu fabric shopping trip to ikea. i'm gonna (try) and make an insane pillow-case. can't wait.

wee! i like being 30. :D

Sun, Sep. 16th, 2007 08:21 pm (UTC)

i'm so glad you had such a lovely birthday. you deserve it!