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Thu, Sep. 20th, 2007, 10:16 am

work is still wonky. we have a zillion tasks to do, so it's quite annoying that every day, we get additionally bogged down by people on our team misbehaving.

they fail to show up for work, or they call in sick for days and days, and yet are strangely not able to answer their phone when we call to ask when they think they might be back, nor respond to friendly text messages asking the same.

i'm tired of adults acting like, well, idiots. running a customer's service unfortunately means a lot of the people coming to work aren't really interested in their job, they just want -a- job, any job. that means they tend to not care at all about the mess they cause when they decide they don't feel like conforming to things like, oh, a schedule.

i hate having stern talks with people who should know better, or handing out warnings. i'm tired of chasing people on the phone, and of having to figure out if somebody is legitimately sick or just plain cheating.

having 4-6 of these people on a team with 36 people in total is enough to completely wreack all our hard work at keeping a good service level for customers, which of course will put a stress on our relationship with our new client.

and then when we fire people, the team gets really anxious and start thinking we actually have a hitlist and are looking for -any- reason to fire somebody. uh, hello?? there's nothing FUN about having to make our team even more understaffed, and it's never fun to end someone's employment, not even when they really really deserve it, because it's always a stressful process.

oh well.

my schedule has changed now, so today and tomorrow i work from noon until 9 p.m., and on saturday i work 7 am - 4 p.m. ... hopefully i get to finally try my new sewing machine out on my day off on sunday. here's hoping. :)

Mon, Sep. 24th, 2007 12:55 pm (UTC)

i am amazed at how well you seem to have been handling such a crazy work situation. very impressive.