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Sun, Nov. 18th, 2007, 12:51 pm

this has been a really hyper-social week. luckily, today we're having a really nice and superslow sunday to try and get some energy for a full new week.

i spent tuesday-friday with a new "class" of callcenter-newbies at work. i keep forgetting how tough it is to spend 8 hours a day standing up at the front of a classroom and talk nonstop. it went pretty well though, but was exhausting.

wednesday night, two of marp's german friends came to stockholm - they both came specifically to go see two kent shows because they love kent. i find this so funny. one of them (who i've since learnt was a mtv europe vj once upon a time, but i can't remember him, haha - obviously i suck!) even started to learn swedish when he got into kent so he could understand the swedish lyrics. thursday night, another german friend and fellow kent-fan showed up.

friday night we went to the first kent show (even my brother came along - he's finally getting better after the kidneystone thing, but i've never seen him so pale in my life, poor guy. he's starting his first job in stockholm tomorrow, though, so let's send him a few good thoughts, yeah?).

....i hated it. we didn't go close enough to the stage for me to be able to really get into it, and the song selection felt very unbalanced and non-flowy. all the others liked the show, though, but me and a young girl we know who also came with really hated it. i think we just had too big expectations, and when we ended up in a crowd that wasn't very participatory, the energy got all dead.

i even pondered just donating my saturday night show-ticket because i disliked the friday show so much (although the lightshow was nice, i'll give them that). luckily, i didn't...

last night's show was GREAT! i was able to go much closer to the stage, which i've discovered is really vital for me or i will disconnect from a show too much, and marp came with me so i had company. the band was much looser and had a better energy overall, and they switched out a few songs and had a much better flow of songs.

if my feet weren't so tired, i'd so go to the show tonight as well. i took loads of photo's, though, and a handful turned out really nice, so that made me happy.

today the german girls have gone into the city to shop and go to museums, while ingo stayed behind. marp and ingo are now geeking out with marp's guitar collection and other assorted music-thingies, while i'm geeking out in photoshop editing the kent photo's i want to get online.

lovely sunday. hope you all are enjoying the day as well. :)

Sun, Nov. 18th, 2007 12:21 pm (UTC)

I'm counting down. :D :D :D :D :D
And charging my camera.
And trying to locate my 2nd SD-card.
And Stockholm!
I haven't been there in like yeeeeeeeeears, and I can't wait to see you and the city again.