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Sun, Nov. 25th, 2007, 01:20 am
fun fun fun!

anja is visiting, and we're having a fabulous time. we spent all day walking through downtown stockholm, shopping and eating and enjoying a really lovely november day.

I BOUGHT A NEW MOBILE PHONE! i have never bought one before, only gotten handmedowns from my family. my new phone is so new, it had it's own commercial at the cinema when we went with marp to see elizabeth: the golden age (which was sooooo filled with gorgeous stuff and wonderful cate blanchett and drooooolworthy clive owen).

i bought a nokia n95 with 8 GB internal memory. it's big, it's black, i got a great deal on it (since i do customer's service for the operator, and the guy at the store wanted to help out a colleague, heh heh heh), and it's so complicated i doubt i'll ever manage to use even half the functions.

current favourite features: the 5 mp camera with flash, and the mobile wireless tv function. i can watch tv on my phone, can youuuu? heh heh heh!

marp is currently entertaining anja with a photo album (they're bonding over pentax cameras, i think?) while i'm trying to read up on my new toy. it's soooo pretty. i'm not worthy. heheh. :D